Manic Street Preachers quiz
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Manic Street Preachers quiz

So you think you know the Manics? Take this quiz to find out just how much of a Manics fan/obsessive you really are, good luck, and no cheating!!!

Question 1:Who designed the cover to "Gold Against The Soul"?
Richey Edwards
Mitch Ikeda
Nicky Wire
Martin Hall
Philip Hall

Question 2:What was the Manics first top 40 hit?
"Little Baby Nothing"
"Suicide is Painless"
"Slash 'N' Burn"
"Motown Junk"
"Stay Beautiful"

Question 3:What is the name of Nicky and Sean's baby daughters?
Clara and Matilda
Rebecca and Claire
Tracey and Hannah
Rachel and Rhian
Katie and Jamie

Question 4:What did Richey write on the note he left in the hotel room the night before he went missing?
"I love you"
"I'll miss you"
"I'm sorry"
"No-one can help me now"

Question 5:What did Richey carve into his arm with a razor blade during an interview with Steve Lamacq on May 15th 1991?

Question 6:Who did Nicky Wire famously wish to "Go the same was as Freddie Mercury" during the Kilburn National in London gig?
Liam Gallagher
Michael Stipe
Damon Albarn
Brian Molko

Question 7:Which of 2 of the Manics are cousins?
Nicky and Richey
James and Sean
Nicky and James
Richey and James
Sean and Richey

Question 8:Which of the Manics was once asked to pose naked for a womens magazine but turned it down due to his genitalia being "Too small"?
Nicky Wire
Sean Moore
Richey Edwards
James Dean Bradfield
none of them

Question 9:What was the name of the hospital Richey was taken to BEFORE he was admitted to the Priory?

Question 10:Who did the Manics support at Wembley Arena in December 1995 (their first gig without Richey)?
Bon Jovi
The Stone Roses

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