How Big of a Grobandork are you?
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How Big of a Grobandork are you?

This quiz is not infringing on the privacy of Josh Groban. All of the correct answers to this quiz were said by Josh Groban in interviews.

Question 1:What is Josh's middle name?

Question 2:What are Josh's favorite colors?
Green and yellow
Red and Purple
Dark blue and black

Question 3:What is Josh's true height?
6 feet,,2 inches
5 feet, 10 inches
6 feet

Question 4:What is Josh's bad habit?
he slouches
he bites his nails
he taps his fingers on everything

Question 5:What was Josh's first car?
Chrysler Concorde
Dodge Intrepid
Ford Explorer

Question 6:What kind of car did Josh recently purchase?
Mercedes-Benz SL-500
Honda S2000
Porsche 911

Question 7:What is Josh's Astrological Sign?

Question 8:When is Josh's Birthday?
September 3, 1984
March 15, 1982
February 27, 1981

Question 9:What is Josh's favorite food?
Sushi with Blueberry Sauce
Chicken Parmesan

Question 10:Who is Josh's celebrity crush?
Halle Barry
Kirsten Dunst
Natalie Portman

Question 11:Which of the following is Josh?

Question 12:What is Josh's trademark piece of clothing?
a black turtleneck
a blue longsleeved shirt
a red sweater

Question 13:What is Josh's voice range called?

Question 14:Who is Josh's producer?
Jeremy Caulton
Brian Avnet
David Foster

Question 15:Who is Josh's manager?
David Foster
Jeremy Caulton
Brian Avnet

Question 16:A small group of fans made a soap with Josh's face on it. What did they call it?
Groban Soapin'
Groban's Soap
Joshy Washy

This Quiz has been designed by Eric Hoggard.