ApologetiX---take this quiz to find out!
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ApologetiX---take this quiz to find out!

Ever wonder when one of those songs come on, why people are singing different words?

Question 1:What does ApologetiX even do?
They walk dogs in Chicago while singing "Werewolves of London."
They're a group of famous authors---you've never heard of them?!
They are a band that does Christian parodies of "today's mainstream hits and the best of the classics."

Question 2:Where did Karl Messner get his Les Paul?
It was given to him by Jimi Hendrix.
Wait, I thought they wrote stuff. . .
A fan at a concert gave it to him for free!!
They walk dogs---how can you play a guitar while walking a Great Dane?!
What's a Les Paul?

Question 3:ApologetiX hometown is:
Catch's End, OH
the planet Saturn
Corpus Christi, TX
Pittsburgh, Pa area

Question 4:ApologetiX are:
The next Edgar Allan Poes.
Christian, of course.

Question 5:How many times has J. Jackson read the Bible?
Insane people don't read, do they?
He's illiterate, Steve must read it for him.

Question 6:Does Keith get personalized picks with his signature on it like Karl?
Picks? What are those?
No, get some for his b-day!
Of course, you pudden-head!
Karl and Keith get personalized picks?! Really?! Does Steve, too?

Question 7:Who is Steve?
A stagehand who is super cool and appears unexpectedly at concerts.
J.'s brother.
He's the drummer who gets personalized guitar picks.

Question 8:When is Bill's b-day?
May 12
June 20
Nov. 46
Bill? Who's he?

Question 9:What was their parody of Eminem's (or however you spell it; I ain't no fan of his) "The Real Slim Shady?"
What? They walk dogs in Chicago!! Not sing!
"The Real Sin Saviour."
They're famous authors, I read their stuff. . .
Wait. . . Parody? What's that?

Question 10:Where does their name come from?
"Apologetics," which originally meant "the defense of the Christian faith."
Apollo 13
Karl's pet horse, of course.

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