How well do you know the Arrogant Worms????
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How well do you know the Arrogant Worms????

Of course everyone's heard of the Arrogant Worms. This Canadian band is internationally known and loved. Right? No? Well, if you have heard of this incredible band and think you know about their songs (this is mostly just questions about the music, not the people) then take this quiz. It's kina easy, but oh well.

Question 1:The Arrogant Worms have many cd's that are now available. Which of the following is NOT one of their album titles?
Live Bait
Idiot Road
C'est Cheese
Fear the Fish
The Arrogant Worms

Question 2:In the song "Billy the Theme Park Shark," who was Billy replaced with when he started *ahem* rejecting his meals?
A dolphin who talks
An acrobatic sea otter
A juggling seal
A killer whale (be careful!)

Question 3:In "Carrot Juice is Murder," why did he beat a man black and blue?
To stop the slaughter of turnips
To save the sprouts
Because he wasn't giving peas a chance
He was eating celery

Question 4:On the Live Bait recording of "The Mountie Song," where were the Americans that were bugging the mountie from?
New York, New York
Albany, New York
Niagara Falls, New York
Buffalo, New York
Rochester, New York

Question 5:And where did those same Americans buy their tank?
K Mart
Used car dealer
Piggly Wiggly

Question 6:In "Me Like Hockey," how do they think the Yankees cheated to win the 'world cup'?
Not playing in winter
Bribing the officials
High sticking the best players
Glowey puck

Question 7:In "History is Made by Stupid People," who is the first historical name mentioned?
General Custer
Marie Antoinette

Question 8:In "I Am Cow," which of the following is not one of the things mentioned that is made from "liquid from my udders"?
Cream cheese

Question 9:In "Johnny Came Home Headless," how did Johnny's head find its way home?
Took a bus
Took a plane
Just rolled
Took a cab
It never did

Question 10:Who was the first now-dead politician mentioned in "Don't Go Into Politics"?
George Washington
Mackenzie King
Pierre Trudeau
Sir John A. MacDonald
R.B. Bennet

Question 11:What is the only time that we don't mind violence according to "Forgive Us, We're Canadian"?
Canada Day
The 4th of July
Hockey night

Question 12:In "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate," which of the pirate's former enemies eventually joined his crew?
Farmer John
Prime Minister Poutine
Mountie Bobby

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