Nofx quiz
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Nofx quiz

How much do you know about this great band?

Question 1:On what album did the song "Brain Constipation" appear?
Liberal Animation
S&M Airlines
Pump Up The Valuum
White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean

Question 2:Who spent "15 years getting loaded"?
Mr. Jones
The Moron Bros.

Question 3:Who is white trash?
Eric Melvin
Erik Sandin
Fat Mike
El Hefe
Scott Sellers

Question 4:Who died in a car accident?
Scott Sellers
Scott Aldahl
Dave Casillas
Steve Kidwiller
Dave Allen

Question 5:Where did Lori Meyers used to live?
San Francisco
Next door
Olympia, WA
In the darkest tunnel

Question 6:Name this tune "I think of all the places where I don't wanna go Then I think of all the things that I don't wanna do And when I think of all the people that I don't wanna meet I close my eyes and go to sleep"
Green Corn
Dying Degree
Leave It Alone

Question 7:Who wears a tye dyed Rancid shirt?
Punk Guy
The Happy Guy

Question 8:What will we be drinking on Friday nights?
The Brews
a fifth of comfort
an extra thurmus of Joe
asphalt methampphetamin

Question 9:What album went gold?
Punk in Drublic
So Long and Thanks for All The Shoes
I Heard They Suck Live
White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean
S&M Airlines

Question 10:"So long and thanks for all the shoes" is a take on a book by what author?
Kurt Vonnegut
Joeseph Heller
Dr. Suess
Fat Mike
Douglas Adams

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