Into the woods then out of the woods! And home before dark!
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Into the woods then out of the woods! And home before dark!

How well do you know this beloved Broadway musical by Sondheim & Lapine? Test your ITW knowledge here...

Question 1:___________ wrote the book and also did what?
James Lapine; directed the show
Stephen Sondheim; designed costumes
Jameson Lalapine; was an actor in the show
Andrew Lloyd Webber; wrote the music
Chip Zien; was an actor in the show

Question 2:Who played the Baker's Wife in the 2002 revival?
Kerry O'Brien
Kelly Higgins
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Joanna Gleason
Kerry O'Malley

Question 3:Which song, that was missing from the original production, appeared later on in the London & revival productions?
Our Little World
Stay With Me
Last Midnight
Boom Squish
My Granny's Crazy

Question 4:Who sang this line? "Dwarfs are very upsetting."
Cinderella's Prince
Rapunzel's Prince

Question 5:Which actress won a Tony for her performance in Woods? (from the original production)
Joanna Gleason
Bernadette Peters
Danielle Ferland
Barbara Walters
Laura Benanti

Question 6:Which of the two cast members from the original are married now?
Robert Westenberg, Joanna Gleason
Robert Westenberg, Kim Crosby
Chuck Wagner, Merle Louise
Chip Zien, Joanna Gleason
Ben Wright, Danielle Ferland

Question 7:The actress who played Little Red in the 2002 revival...what was her name again?

Question 8:"If you know you can't have what you want, what's the profit in wishing?" This line was cut from what song?
Moments in the Woods
Giants in the Sky
Maybe They're Magic
A Very Nice Prince
No One is Alone

Question 9:In the revival, it was Cinderella's idea to spread pitch on the ground to trap the giant. Whose was it in the original?
Little Red
The Baker
The Baker's Wife
The Witch

Question 10:Who sang this line? "I had been so careful, I never had cared."
Jack's Mother
Little Red

Question 11:The last two words of the musical are?
"I wish"
"The end"
"Ever after"
"No more"
"the woods"

Question 12:There were a number of cast members in the original production who also appeared earlier in Sunday in the Park with George. How many of them where there, and who were they?
4 ; Robert Westenberg, Bernadette Peters, Danielle Ferland, Barbara Bryne
6 ; Ben Wright, Danielle Ferland, Bernadette Peters, Kim Crosby, Joanna Gleason, Jean Kelly
2 ; Kim Crosby, Chuck Wagner
5 ; Joy Franz, Lauren Mitchell, Merle Louise, Chip Zien, Bernadette Peters

Question 13:Who sang this line? What song is it from? "You've changed. You're daring."
Baker's Wife ; "It Takes Two"
Cinderella's Prince ; "Any Moment"
Cinderella ; "So Happy"
Baker ; "No More"
Rapunzel ; "Our Little World"

Question 14:Baker: Do you think it was a bear? Witch: A bear!? Bear's are ________.
One of a kind

Question 15:How did the Baker's Wife lose the cow as white as milk?
She was trying to get Rapunzel's hair and the cow rain away.
She tried to run after Cinderella's shoe and the cow ran away.
She lost it on purpose so that the Baker would agree to wait until they found a "whiter cow".
She fell and broke her ankle so the cow had time to escape.
The prince distracted her and stole the cow for himself.

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