Ace of Base Quiz
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Ace of Base Quiz

Are you a true Acer? How much do you know about Ace of Base? Here is an easy fun Ace of Base Quiz you can take. If you get all the answers right, then you are a true Acer and you know everything about Ace of Base!

Question 1:What are the names of the four members of Ace of Base?
Lene, Soren, Renee, and Clause
Jc, Justin, Chris, Lance, and Joey
Jenny, Jonas, Ulf, and Linn

Question 2:How many songs are on the album "The Sign"?

Question 3:True or False? All of the members are born in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Question 4:What does Ace of Base mean?
it means that it is our studio
means nothing
I don't know what that means!
base is our studio and we are the aces of the studio

Question 5:The Sign was the biggest hit in the US in 1994. The Sign climbs up to #1 in the USA and stayed for how many weeks?
5 weeks
4 weeks
3 weeks
1 week
6 weeks

Question 6:How many copies did of The Sign CDs were sold in the USA?
9 million copies
7 million copies
1, 000 copies

Question 7:True or False? Ulf was a member of a skinhead gang.

Question 8:What songs on Da Capo cd that are mostly lead by Ulf and Jenny?
Que Sera
Young and Proud
Hey Darling and Change with the Light

Question 9:The band first formed in what year?

Question 10:Fill in the blank of a missing phrase of the song"Don't turn Around". If you wanna leave, I won't beg u to stay. If you -------------------. I'm gonna be strong, I'm gonna do fine. Don't worry about this heart of mine.
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign
I got a new life
gonna go darling, maybe that's better that way

Question 11:Where was the video of Don't turn Around shot?
In England
In Miami, Florida (US)

Question 12:Jonas wrote the song "Travel to Ramantis for who?
his friend
his girlfriend, Birthe Haugland
his mother

Question 13:What does Ulf's girlfriend Joanna do for a living?
she is a model
she is a doctor
she is a business woman is Sweden

Question 14:True or False? Ulf and Jenny once dated each other.

Question 15:Why did Jenny broke up with Ulf?
it didn't work out
Ulf had never got to spend time with her because he had to work all the time
Ulf didn't love jenny that much

Question 16:Cruel Summer was originally sung and written by which british girl group?
Spice Girls
Destiny's Child

Question 17:What does the song Voulez-vous Danser mean?
Could you dance with me
Please dance with me
Do you want to dance

Question 18:What is Linn's biggest fear?

Question 19:At what age did Jonas joined a band called G Konrad in 1984?

Question 20:The songs Summer Days and Don't Stop are on which version of Da Capo?
German Version
Japanese version

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