Sister Hazel
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Sister Hazel

How well do you know that down-to-earth band from Gainseville Florida?

Question 1:   What is their oldest CD?
Chasing Daylight
Sister Hazel
Somewhere More Familiar

Question 2:   What is their newest CD?
Sister Hazel
Chasing Daylight
Somewhere More Familiar

Question 3:   Who is Ryan Newell?
Keyboard player
Lead Guitarist

Question 4:   What song is this? Its hard to say what is I see in you...Wonder if Ill always be with you...
Swan Dive
Come Around
Save Me
All for You

Question 5:   How many of their CDs is All For You played on?
All of them

Question 6:   Who is Sister Hazel, the actual person?
She isn’t an actual person
A nun that one of the band members was taught by as a boy
One of the band members relatives
A woman who ran a homeless shelter

Question 7:   When was Sister Hazel (the CD) first released?

Question 8:   Which CD is Give In on?
Somewhere more familiar
Chasing Daylight
Sister Hazel

Question 9:   What song is this from? I was a long long way from home.. so we talked a little while..then I shook his hands, and I... I was a long long way from home
Just Remember
Space Between Us

Question 10:   Last one! Who makes up the band Sister Hazel?
Mel Lewinter, Jeff Panzer, Ross Hargath, Tom Hurst and Jeff Neal
Ken Block, Andrew Copeland, Ryan Newell, Jeff Beres and Mark Trojanowski
Don McCollister, Joe and Terry Wilson, Noel Golden and Scott Harbison
Geg Richards, Jow Fantucchio, Bobby Ross, Danny Young and Mike Clink

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