Is your life a Sound the bugle song?
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Is your life a Sound the bugle song?

Question 1:   Have you lost something or someone you loved in the last months or couple of years?
I'm a soldier wounded so I must give up the fight
Sound the bugle now play it just for me
now I can't go on I can't even start
as the seasons change remember how I used to be
I've got nothing left just an empty heart

Question 2:   Have you ever been molested or raped?
there's not a road that leads to anywhere
or leave me lying here
Sound the bugle now
There's nothing more for me lead me away
tell them I don't care

Question 3:   Have you recently be verbally insulted?
Without a light
I fear that I will
decide not to go on
lay right down
stumble in the dark

Question 4:   Has someone lifted your spirits this week?
Then from on high
there's a voice that calls
If you lose yourself your courage soon will follow
somewhere in the distance

Question 5:   Has someone made you smile or laugh today?
So be strong tonight
fighting in a battle
Ya you're a soldier now

Question 6:   Have you prayed to Jesus today

Question 7:   Do you remember your happy moments?
I gotta run another night
Got to fight another fight
get it out check it out

Question 8:   Do you still feel stuck?
I can't be beat and that's a fact
It's ok I'll find a way
I'm on my way and it don't feel right
you ain't gonna take me down no way
I gotta get me back

Question 9:   Do you feel like fighting someone?
never gonna give in
Don't judge a thing until you know what's inside it
don't push me
never gonna give it up no
I'll fight it

Question 10:   Have you yelled for freedom today? Then go to Jesus and repent of your sins and he will make you free.
A sound so strong that calls my name
ya it's here this is where I belong
It's wild like the river it's warm like the sun
because everything I want is everything that's here and when we're all together there's nothing to fear
I hear the wind across the plain

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