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Test your knowledge on this great band!

Question 1:   Are The Cloons....

Question 2:   How many members are in The Cloons?
The amount varies

Question 3:   Which of these is a Cloons song?
Kidney Infection(Aaah! It burns!)
All of these
29p Fee

Question 4:   The Cloons music is from members a mix of certain tastes in artists/bands. Which?
Phixx, Girls Aloud and more
N*Sync, Spice Girls and more
Ernest Tubb, Engelbert Humperdink, Simply Red, NIRVANA and some more...
The Brown Flute Band, Magpie Stew and more
Alot of old folk music from the 60s to present day.

Question 5:   Who sings in The Cloons songs?
Voices are dubbed
A Steven Hawking-style machine
Mr Keogh
La Chupacabra

Question 6:   What is The Cloons influence for 'Mr Keogh'?
A hunky English teacher
A tramp with crusty underpants
Ould Mould
A shop assistant who helped them with their cheese-related dilemma

Question 7:   Which of these was another idea for the bands name?
El Musino de Cheesy
When Pigs Fly Free
The Meese
Screaming Beef

Question 8:   What do The Cloons use in stage-fights?
All of these
Their instruments
Each other
Clothes Pegs

Question 9:   'Mr Keogh' was based on which hit song?
Mr Hanky
Cheese Krill
Cheese Thrill
Stacy's Mom

Question 10:   And finally, who manages The Cloons?
A fat ugly man with a floral neck-tie
Stanley McBride
Barry Jones
The band itself, and a mini-manager
A 6 year old boy in a pink dress and slippers

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