Led Zeppelin Quiz

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Unleash the Hammer of the Gods and declare how well you know Led Zeppelin! Show your membership of the secret society and find out how much you know about this reclusive legendary group

  • 1
    What is John Paul Jones's real name?
  • 2
    When negotiating their first recording contract, Which famous singer confirmed the band's musicianship to the head of Atlantic Records?
  • 3
    Led Zeppelin's Manager Peter Grant, before turning to the music business, was previously what?

  • 4
    Who engineered Led Zep's debut album?
  • 5
    Led Zep was famous for on-the-road behaviour. In which Hotel did the infamous 'fish' incident take place?
  • 6
    What did Robert Plant claim inspired the song "The Ocean"

  • 7
    John Paul Jones apparently wish to quit Led Zeppelin to be what?
  • 8
    Physical Graffiti was recorded where?
  • 9
    Led Zep's hotel in LA was nicknamed the what?
  • 10
    Which famous band's studios did Led Zep use to record "In through the out door"?

  • 11
    Led Zep's last appearance on stage in Britain was where?
  • 12
    What was the name of Led Zep's notorious tour manager?
  • 13
    What was the name of Jimmy Page's long-term casual teenage girlfriend?
  • 14
    Who inadvertently gave Led Zeppelin its name?
  • 15
    In which Paul McCartney song does he mention Jimmy Page?

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