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This is the Only IDM (Intelligent Dance Music... a.k.a. Experimental Electronic Music) Test on the Interweb (at least to my knowledge)

This test will let you see how "IDM" you are.

This test is really difficult... even for people who are really into experimental electronic music.. so don't feel bad if you score poorly on it.

Also.. If you're not into Experimental Electronic music at all.. this test will probably be boring and impossible for you. (take it anyway.. I've posted the correct Answer's at the end.. so if you have no IDM knowledge you can acquire some at the end.

  • 1
    What Boards of Canada Song Features a woman counting from 1 to 60-10.
  • 2
    Which of these artists does not use Trackers to compose their music.
  • 3
    Which of these artists has not remixed nine inch nails.

  • 4
    On the Album "Mike and Rich (Expert knob twiddlers) who are Mike and Rich?
  • 5
    What was the 1st Commercially Released Album by Richard D. James to feature heavy use of "Snare Rushes"
  • 6
    What is the most commonly sampled song of all time?

  • 7
    The Roland Alpha Juno-1 Synth's "What the ..$%^" Preset makes what sound?
  • 8
    What is the Roland TB-303 capable of making?
  • 9
    Who is "The Fucking Daddy that makes all the different styles of drum ein bass"
  • 10
    What Modern Pop band features Dntel as a band member.

  • 11
    Which Artist does not use "Sound Club"
  • 12
    What Porno movie has been sampled by both Richard D. James and Luke Vibert
  • 13
    What is the picture above?
    What is the picture above?
  • 14
    What is the image above?
    What is the image above?
  • 15
    The image above is from what Aphextwin song?
    The image above is from what Aphextwin song?
  • 16
    What Artist has not worked with Bjork?

  • 17
    What Movie was sampled in the Astrobotnia song "Everyone".
  • 18
    Which of the following things/artists were not sampled on the Venetian Snares Album "Doll Doll Doll"?
  • 19
    Which of the following things/artists was not sampled on the Venetian Snares Album "Chocolate Wheelchair"
  • 20
    What "Instruments" has Venetian Snares not used.

  • 21
    What Artist has performed a song by Joy Division
  • 22
    Accourding to Richard D. James. Whose Drums heavily influenced his style?
  • 23
    Who owns the Replex Record Label?
  • 24
    Who owns the Planet µ Record Label?
  • 25
    What Artist/Band Made a Concept album that heavily used recordings taken during a Nose Job, Liposuction, and other plastic surgery sessions?
  • 26
    Who lives in a Bank, Owns a Tank, a Submarine, and Scratch mixes with sandpaper.

  • 27
    What Artist/Band Beatmatched "Heaven is a place on earth" with "You give love a bad name"?
  • 28
    What is the only thing that µ-ziq's "Brace Yourself" tracks have in common.?
  • 29
    Million Dollar Bonus Question that Most IDM freaks won't know the answer to. What Evangelist did Meat Beat Manifesto Sample on the song "The Music".
  • 30
    Who made David Bowie Shit in a tin can, and fart in a most peculiar way.

  • 31
    The Million Dollar Bonus Question #2. Who did Amon Tobin Sample in the song "Nightlife"

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