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How Well Do You Know Twice?

Hello there, Once! Do you want to test your knowledge of Twice? You ARE checking this quiz out, after all.:-) If you're feeling confident, then try it now! I would classify it as easy to hard (depending, obviously, on how well you know the subject matter). Good luck! ;)

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    When did Twice debut?
    When did Twice debut?

Comments (26)


430 days ago
your question is so hard hehehhehehe but thanks i learn more about them im a true
499 days ago
srsly google said twice debut 20 october but some said 15. NANI?
510 days ago
Can I have duhyun’s phone number please ?
535 days ago
I get all right i am so happy
558 days ago
21 out of 26..... not bad
568 days ago
Uhm....Mina has a anxiety issue so pls don't mention her in case she feels uncomfortabe thanks
746 days ago
People, if my tests in school was this easy, I would be in Harvord right now. P.S some questions were wrong but whatever
772 days ago
I Got 15 Over 26 But Still I Have To Be Worked Hard As A ONCE
781 days ago
this was amzing test , i got 19 rights , doesnt matter what matter is i love them and support themalways
816 days ago
I got 17 out of 26 I think its really bad.It's ok cause I'm too young
861 days ago
i got 20 out of 26 well thats not bad
869 days ago
Got 19 out of 26,and I only started follow them from this year...I'll improved my knowledge, especially Sixteen
869 days ago
Got 24. I just love them, i honestly dont know some of the question hahaha that mean there is lot to know more about them. Sorry for the grammar 😂
869 days ago
I got 18. Consider not bad as a new once!
869 days ago
Huhuhuhuh i only got 16 correct answers but i know to myself that i love them so much hihi😍💘
869 days ago
I got a lowest score but i feel in my self i need to know more for this good choice🙂
869 days ago
I got 15! I started liking them since early 2018 well..
873 days ago
I got 14
it’s okay
878 days ago
Im a new fan of TWICE, learnt a lot from this quiz XD
899 days ago