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Hatsune Miku Quiz

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Welcome to everything you should KNOW about Miku.

  • 1
    What is Hatsune Miku?
  • 2
    Which is Miku's most popular song?
  • 3
    What is Mitchie M's most popular Miku song?

  • 4
    What is the fastest Miku song?
  • 5
    What is the hardest Miku song in Project Diva Future Tone? (If wrong, correct me.)?
  • 6
    Which song is created by Miku and has a cover of it?

  • 7
    How many songs has Miku created?
  • 8
    Who was originally (or just planned) to be Miku?
  • 9
    Is Miku the VERY first Vocaloid?
  • 10
    What is your favorite Miku module?

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334 days ago
Miku married me in the n*zi tank!!! NO CAP
527 days ago
I did okay. I've answered 6 of 10 qwestions correctly 😃
673 days ago
This quiz has a couple errors...

Question 1: Miku is not a hologram, she is a voicebank software. It is said that Miku is a singing android => Vocals + Android = Vocaloid
Therefore question 1 could be either hologram, computer or robot (none of these are correct)...

Question 2: What is considered the most "popular"? The most views on Nicovideo? The most known song by all people in the world? The most views on Youtube? The most views on a single video or the most views on all videos to a specific song? All these questions have a different answer:
- Miku Miku ni 🕊 Ageru is the most popular song according to nicovideo.jp (which is the main website for Vocaloid fans in Japan)
- the most known song is probably the Corona song from Miku because it was shared like crazy by celebrities on TikTok in the past 2 years so most non-Vocaloid fans would recognize it
- the most views on a single Youtube video is actually Sand Planet now which is shooting trough the roof since it got uploaded in 2017
- the most views on all videos together is World is Mine because the sum of all World is Mine videos is about 95 million while Sand Planet is about 75 million, however I think in a few years Sand Planet will overtake World is Mine

Question 5: Very subjective because different people have different opinions on that but I agree.

Question 7: This question shouldn't be in this quiz, especially not such a specific number. If I would guess, at least 100 new Miku songs are appearing every day somewhere on the Earth without anybody hearing them. I doubt that Miku has created only 1716 songs. The answer should be somewhere between 100k and 1 million.

Question 8: Never heard of this before and I cannot find proof anywhere that Luka was supposed to be Miku at some point. Maybe I'm wrong on this one, would be cool if somebody could provide evidence.
1558 days ago
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