Kevan's Goth Quiz
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Kevan's Goth Quiz

Well, I don't normally do this type of thing, but after reading one 'goth' test on here, I was left speechless. I mean, someone has to set these people straight. As all of these people are oh, so gothic, they will probably do something stupid, like cut themselves or kill their cat whilst performing satanic rituals.

Question 1:Name the members of Bauhaus
Peter Murphy, Kevin Haskins David J, Daniel Ash
John, Paul, George, and Ringo
Peter, Paul and Mary

Question 2:Robert Smith has....
short, styled hair
big, teased hair
no hair

Question 3:The Birthday Party were....
something that happens once a year
The Birthday Who????
Nick Cave's first band

Question 4:Andrew Eldritch is a member of which band?
Fields of the Nephilim
Christian Death
The Sisters of Mercy

Question 5:The Virgin Prunes were.....
a kick ass Irish band
a group of elderly people with no sex life
a bunch of dehydrated fruit that has never been violated

Question 6:Convergence is....
a yearly net goth meeting
the act of sacrificing Fluffy the cat
a big word that I cannot pronounce

Question 7:When Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams left The Sisters, what was their new bands first name?
The Mission
Ghost Dance
The Sisterhood

Question 8:Rozz Williams formed what bands?
Christian Death, Shadow Project
The Cure, The Sisters
Soft Cell, Sonic Youth

Question 9:Marilyn Manson are....
the gods of goth
Metallers who are trying to cash in on 'goth' suddenly becoming trendy

Question 10:Nick Cave is....
a cave named Nick
*stares blankly out into space*
a very prolific musician and writer

Question 11:Name the two lead singers of Christian Death
John and Paul
Rozz Williams, Valor
Henry Rollins and Dez Cadena

Question 12:Industrial is.....
a zoning code for city planners
a genre of music
a fancy term for factories

Question 13:What is a popular choice of footwear for goths?
Reeboks, Air Walks, etc..
Loafers, Sandals, moccasins
Doc Martens, pointy shoes/boots, clunky boots

Question 14:What is the name of the singer from Sex Gang Children?
John Sex Gang
Terri Sex Gang
Andi Sex Gang
Gavin Friday

Question 15:The Virgin Prunes had three singers. What are their names?
Boobi, John Wednesday and John-ey
Guggi, Gavin Friday and Dave-id
Terrance, George Costanza, and Peter Murphy

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