The Real 'GOTH' test!
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The Real 'GOTH' test!

After reading 2 'goth' test I felt a strong need to make a REAL one!

Question 1:Most goths have:
A pair of pink butterbly flip-flopz
A shirt that says 'PREP' on it?
A few piercings or multi colored hair

Question 2:Most goths prefer the colors:
Pink, Yellow or a Bright color
I dunno?
Black, Red or some type of dark color

Question 3:Most goths are:
Quite and a little shy.........But a lil scary

Question 4:Most gothic people:
Prepy and date the
Worship a flower?? (sry UI didn't have any thing else to say?)
Have alot of friends and are popular within their 'group'

Question 5:A gothic person belives in:
Like I know??
Any thing, God, Satan, Wicca gods and goddess, or a flower??

Question 6:A gothic person normally likes:
Heavy Metal, Rock, (gothic music......ex/Kittie)

Question 7:Most goths like:
St. Pactrickz Day

Question 8:Most goths are:
Tan........They all own a tanning bed right??
Like I give a shit
Pale or at leats want to be?

Question 9:Goths are mostly into :
The newest N*Sync Cd???
I dunno
Death, Evil, or dark things

Question 10:Goths are:
Nice or Mean

This Quiz has been designed by Jordan.