Test your knowledge about the Corrs
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Test your knowledge about the Corrs

Here you can see what you know about Ireland's super group! Learn facts about Andrea, Caroline, Jim and Sharon you never knew before - and have fun with it!

Question 1:What Irish city do the Corrs come from?

Question 2:Which one of the four siblings should first learn the violin and why does Sharon play it now?
Andrea, but she lost all her violins
Caroline, but she was afraid of the violin teacher
Jim, but he used the bow to chase his sisters

Question 3:Which Corr sister confesses to be addicted to caffeine and nicotine?

Question 4:Which song from the Corrs’ fourth album “In Blue” features the title?
Hurt before
Give me a reason

Question 5:What important music prize did the Corrs win in 1999?
a Grammy
a Brit Award
an Echo

Question 6:In which movie did the Corrs appear?
The Quest for Camelot
The Commitments

Question 7:Which female superstar did Andrea share the big screen with?
Mariah Carey

Question 8:Which was the Corrs’ first single?
Forgiven not forgotten
The right time

Question 9:Which traditional Irish instrument does Caroline play?
tin whistle

Question 10:Which cover version did the Corrs NOT record?
The winner takes it all
We are family
You win again

Question 11:Which is the onliest song on “Forgiven not forgotten” without any violin part from Sharon?
Love to love you
Secret Life

Question 12:What habit from childhood does one Corr still own?
Jim, he plays practical jokes on his sisters
Caroline, she is afraid of the dark
Andrea, she sucks her thumb

Question 13:Which song and how did Andrea mess up in Wembley?
Breathless – she forgot the lyrics of the second verse
So young – she forgot the reprise
At your side – she forgot to introduce the band

Question 14:With which famous musician did the Corrs play on stage?
Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones
Bono from U2
Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mack

Question 15:For which musicians were the Corrs pre-band?
Janet Jackson & Celine Dion
U2 & the Rolling Stones
Robbie Williams & Ricky Martin

Question 16:Which Corr got married in July 2001?

Question 17:Which was the highest position of “Breathless” in the British charts?

Question 18:What computer animation was shown on the screen during “So young” in Lansdowne Road?
a dancing cube
a dancing baby
a dancing dog

Question 19:What cd from which artist does Andrea say she owns?
“White ladder”, David Gray
“The Marshall Mathers LP”, Eminem
“Sing when you’re winning”, Robbie Williams

Question 20:How many singles have the Corrs released so far, “Would you be happier?” being the latest?

Question 21:Who has been the Corrs’ manager since day one?
David Foster
Mitch Froom
John Hughes

Question 22:In which country was the video for “What can I do?” shot?
New Zealand

Question 23:Which instruments does Sharon play additionally to the violin?
tin whistle and guitar
bodhràn and drums
guitar and piano

Question 24:What art work is seen in the “Forgiven not forgotten” booklet?
a metallic sculpture of the 4 siblings
a giantic field with the Corrs’ logo on it
a log in the shape of a ball

Question 25:Which Southamerican superstar did the Corrs record 3 songs with?
Ricky Martin
Alejandro Sanz

Question 26:What was the setting for the “Irresistible” video?
Trafalgar Square in London
Times Square in New York
Arc de triumphe in Paris

Question 27:The soundtrack for which film did feature what Corrs song?
My best friend’s wedding – Love to love you
Runaway bride – Runaway
America’s sweethearts – All the love in the world

Question 28:Which person(s) is “In Blue” dedicated to?
the Corrs’ mother, Jean Corr
the Corrs’ father, Gerry Corr
the Corrs’ fans

Question 29:Which is the correct order when ordered descending by age for the 4 Corrs?
Andrea, Caroline, Sharon, Jim
Sharon, Jim, Carolin, Andrea
Jim, Sharon, Caroline, Andrea

Question 30:When did the concert at Lansdowne Road took place?
July 1999
August 1998
June 2000

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