The Ultimate Blink 182 Quiz

This quiz is for hardcore Blink fans.This will determine how much you actually know about the band.

Question 1:Which member of Blink quit the band for about two weeks before the recording of their demo 'Flyswatter?'
Tom Delonge
Scott Raynor
Mark Hoppus
Travis Barker

Question 2:The cover design of the demo 'Flyswatter' is what?
A man's penis exploding.
Someone taking a dump.
A piece of modern art drawn by Mark Hoppus
A smashed guitar.

Question 3:What was the name of the band Tom was in before he and Mark started Blink?
Big Oily Men
The Greasey Pigs
Sweaty Balls
Please Shave My Back

Question 4:Which Blink video was banned from MTV?
What's My Age Again?
They have had no videos banned, you dumbass.

Question 5:What was the original name of Blink?
Duck Tape
Notebook Paper
Shaved Kitties
It has always been Blink 182.

Question 6:What are the names of Tom's brother and sister?
Bart and Lisa
Shon and Kari
Wally and Suzy
Jacob and Andrea

Question 7:Which Blink album was re-released in 1995 by Kung Fu records?
Chesire Cat
Dude Ranch

Question 8:Which of the following is not the name of a Blink tour?
The Shitty Weather Tour
The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show
The Dog Semen Tour
The PooPoo PeePee Tour

Question 9:What is the nickname of the van that Blink borrowed from Unwritten Law for their first tour outside of San Diego?
The Cock
The Cougar
The Piece Of Shit
The Weiner

Question 10:What is the name of the punk rock club Blink played at before touring outside of San Diego?
Chestnut Station
The Roxy

Question 11:In the first Urethra Chronicles, Tom says he loves to do what?
Watch little boys at the swimming pool
Shave his balls
Stick bottle rockets up animal's assholes

Question 12:Who is Blink's manager?
Rick DeVoe
Marion 'Suge' Knight
Fat Mike
Mark Trombino

Question 13:Who is the chick in the 'Josie' video?
Claire Danes
Alyssa Milano
Jennifer Esposito
Ali Landry

Question 14:Who is the guy that works the counter in the 'Dammit' video?
Mark Trombino
Tom's brother
Mark Eaton
Rick DeVoe

Question 15:Travis uses what brand of drumset?
Pork Pie
Orange County Drum and Percussion

Question 16:How many members of the band will soon be fathers?
They are all still virgins.

Question 17:What type of guitar does Tom play in the 'Josie' video?
A Custom Fender Stratocaster
A Fender Telecaster
A B.C. Rich Warlock
A Gibson Les Paul

Question 18:Travis Barker has what tattooed on his right calf?
A drumset
The Descendents I Don't Wanna Grow Up
A monkey
His initials

This Quiz has been designed by Drew Brooks.