The Bet Blink-182 test
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The Bet Blink-182 test

Hey think you're a fan of Blink-182...yah right..unless you can answer all of the questions properly...give it a go.

Question 1:In the start Scott Raynor was Blink-182's drummer..They practiced in his room and for sound proofing what did they use?
Egg cartons
milk cartons
bubble wrap
they didn't practice in his room
they bolted the door so no one could hear

Question 2:for what reason did Travis Barker leave his wife?
caught her cheating
He fell in love with Marks wife
He ran her over
Because he loved music too much to give it up
She got thrown in jail for murder

Question 3:What in the morning does Mark complain about gettin?

Question 4:Who does Tom one day want to meet?
Goerge Bush
Avril Lavinge
Bob Barker
a dog with 4 legs

Question 5:Why did Mark give up smoking?
Wrecked his vocals on "Dammit"
he got cancer
swallowed a cigarette and vowed never to smoke again
Wrecked his vocals on "Adam's song"

Question 6:What company does Travis Barker own?
Famous Stars And Straps

Question 7:Who appears in the background of the video "M&M's"?
Marks Sister
Marks Mom
Toms wife
Travis's dog
Toms sister

Question 8:What is Travis Barker's favorite kind of car

Question 9:Why does Travis have "Can I say" written across his chest?
Tom got charged and he gave the judge the finger and yelled CAN I SAY
I have no clue
Name of his fav bands (Dagg Nasty) first album
It was the name of his favorite skate shop.

Question 10:When shooting the video "What’s my age again?" Who's idea was it to run naked
The producers son
Marks mom

Question 11:The song "Stay Together for the kids" is about what.
Toms parents leaving him alone at Disney land
Marks first words were stay together for the kids
I really don't like Blink-182 so I don't know..because I'm a damn poser
Toms family splitting on one day and the pain he felt
Toms dad leaving on Christmas eve and never coming back

Question 12:What band did Travis drum in before Blink-182?
The Transplants
BoxCar Racer
The Aquabats

Question 13:What famous pops stars song did Tom once have stuck in his head for days?
Brittany Spears
Justin Timberlake
Ricky Martan
Christina Agularia

Question 14:What song of Blink-182 was supposed to sound like a real girl but in fact was written about no one?
Online Songs
What went wrong?
Family Reunion
Mothers day

Question 15:What type of guitars do Mark and Tom play?

Question 16:What band member is in a band called "The Transplants"?
Travis Barker
Mark Hoppus
Thomas DeLonge
Bob Barker
Homer Simpson

Question 17:What famous show did Blink-182 briefly air on?
South Park
King Of The Hill
The Simpsons
Family Guy

Question 18:What was Mark and Tom's favorite tour??
The Mark Tom and Travis show
The GoodTimes Tour
The Pee Pee Poo Poo tour
The Shi*ty Wether tour
The----I have no clue about tours tour

Question 19:What are the members middle names?
Hoppus, Delonge, Barker
Rebecca, Landon, Allan
Allan, Mathew, Landon
Ozzy, Germizt, Sven
Fenix*TX , Jimmy Eat World , Good Charlotte

Question 20:What type of shoe is Travis putting out soon?
Nike Drummer
Airwalk trippin'z
Famous stars and straps Remix
The Hawk Remix
The DC Remix

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