Are you obsessed with Good Charlotte?
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Are you obsessed with Good Charlotte?

Well, are you? I am. And I'm not afraid to admit it. Actually, I'm proud of it because I think they're among the greatest bands out there.

Question 1:Do you have strange dreams about Good Charlotte?
Question 2:Do you plan to or have you cut and/or dyed your hair to make it look like Benji, Joel, Paul, Billy, or Aaron's hair?
Question 3:If not, have you shaved it to be like Chris?
Question 4:Do you even know who Aaron and/or Chris is?
Question 5:What about Dusty?
Question 6:True or false: Joel and Benji's birthday is Marsh 11, 1979 and Benji is older by 5 minutes. (Yes=true, No=false)
Question 7:True or False: Billy's full name is William Dean Marshalls. (Yes=true No=false)
Question 8:True or False: Joel and Benji's birth names are Benjamin Levi Combs and Joel Rueben Combs. (Yes=true, No=false)
Question 9:Have you memorized all their full names, birth dates and favorites (including Aaron and Dusty)?
Question 10:Do you sit for hours and draw the guys?
Question 11:Are your house/bedroom walls covered in Good Charlotte pictures?
Question 12:Have you seen and can play over in your head every (or almost every) Good Charlotte video ever made?
Question 13:True or False: Billy's clothing line is MADE. (Yes=true, No=false)
Question 14:On their birthdays do you go around your school, neighborhood or some other place and put up flyers that say something like "Happy Birthday JOEL!!!!!"?
Question 15:On their birthdays do you have a party for them even though they're not there?
Question 16:Do you invite them to your birthday parties or other special occasions even though you know they won't come?
Question 17:Do you think you're obsessed with Good Charlotte?
Question 18:Or do you think you're in love?
Question 19:Have you memorized every single Good Charlotte song, including some or all unreleased songs?
Question 20:Do you have every piece of MADE merchandise off the site?
Question 21:Do you have every piece of Level 27 merchandise off the site?
Question 22:Do you have every piece of Good Charlotte merchandise from your local Hot Topic store or any other store that might sell GC merchandise?
Question 23:Did you even know they had a first album?
Question 24:Did you really?
Question 25:Are you sure?
Question 26:Which song is this line from? "Hey dad, where have you been for so long?" (Yes="Emotionless" No="Hey Dad")
Question 27:Are you excited to answer this question because it's number (or level) 27?
Question 28:Did you stay home from school on June 6, 2003 just to watch LOADED on FUSE? If you don't know what loaded or fuse is, do you skip school just to watch something that has GC on it?
Question 29:If you have a bed time: Do you stay up past your bed time just to watch All Things Rock with Joel and Benji? If you don't have a bed time: Do you stay up absurdly late because All Things Rock is on at midnight (on the west coast)?
Question 30:BENJI DRANK PEE!!!!
Question 31:I'll bet that got your attention now, didn't it? And to answer the last one choose YES for true and NO for false.
Question 32:True or False: Joel is featured on MEST's self-titled album for the song "Jaded (These Years)" (Yes=true No=false)
Question 33:Did you or do you plan to get a Good Charlotte tattoo?
Question 34:Did you or do you plan to get your car painted with a picture of the guys, the Good Charlotte logo, or something of the sort?
Question 35:Does or will your license plate say something like GC4LYFE or something of the sort?
Question 36:Which is Billy's favorite movie: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas(yes) or Walt Disney's The Lion Kind(no)?
Question 37:Once you found out a member liked a certain band, did that band start to sound good?
Question 38:Do you associate all things possible with Good Charlotte?
Question 39:Did you answer these questions honestly?
Question 40:ARE YOU SURE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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