Are you Good Charlotte's #2 fan? (I'm the #1!! :)
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Are you Good Charlotte's #2 fan? (I'm the #1!! :)

Question 1:Finish the lyric: "Spend your lazy, endless crazy, days inside my head, your so selfish, your not the only one who thinks he's dead....."
"What?!?! There's no song with that lyric!!"
"Oh, it's...ummm.....I know it...just a sec.......oh, man......!"
"Now I'm on trial, and paid to smile, for what I didn't say...."
"I'm paid to smile, now I'm on trial, for what you think I said...."
"I won't smile, though I'm on trial, I never said a thing...."

Question 2:Finish the lyric: "I'd like to see them spend a week, living life out on the street...."
"I think that they could survive...."
"I don't think they would survive....."
"They would stumble and they'd fall..........."
"Are you crazy? That's not from a Good Charlotte song!!!...."
"I think we'd have to revive........"

Question 3:Which song is this lyric from: "I don't care about a thing today, I used to but I'm fed up. And I can here the words you say, I wish that you would shut up....."
"Festival Song"
"Motivation Proclamation"
"Riot Girl"
"The Anthem"
"My Bloody Valentine"

Question 4:Which song is this lyric from: "Go to college, a university, get a real job, that's what they said to me....."
"Little Things"
"East Coast Anthem"
"The Anthem"
"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"

Question 5:Finish the lyric: "Don't forget to buckle, when you fall, beneath the pressure of seconds, when, your life became a screamer...."
"Staring at me, things began to fall...."
"Ok, last straw, your insane. There's no such lyric!!!!"
"Staring at the sea, things become so small..."
"Glaring at me, your hair begins to fall...."
"Looking at the sea, things aren't so small..."

Question 6:Which song is this lyric from: "You don't like the way I talk, or the way I walk or the way I swing my hands...."
"Hold On"
"Waldorf Worldwide"
"East Coast Anthem"

Question 7:"Pay for my tattoos or buy me (________ ______)"
"(lip rings)"
"(cordless phones)"
"(diamond rings)"
"(dog food)"
"(can openers)"

Question 8:...."And the rich kids had convertibles, and we had to ride the bus (__)*" *Two-Digit number

Question 9:"We'll be self made (____________)"

Question 10:Finish the lyric: "And I know this is not the way it should be...."
"And I know you treat him like me....."
"And I know you don't treat him like me...."
"Do you treat him better than me.......?"
"......I really do know this one.......or I did..........."
"Do you remind you of me........?"

Question 11:Which song is this lyric from: "You try to change me, you try to save me, you say I'm gonna learn. I'm so blind, I'm out of time, your so unkind sometimes......."
"The Anthem"
"The Motivation Proclamation"
"I Heard You"
"Let Me Go"
"Day That I Die"

Question 12:"Can you feel the cold tonight? It sets in but it's alright. (_________ ______), I'm letting go, all alone, but I feel fine...."
"(Druken Fights)"
"(All Alone)"
"(I'm Dying)"
"(Fall Apart)"
"(Darkness Falls)"

Question 13:"Another (_______) anthem, whoa!!"

Question 14:"The girls with the bodies, like boys with (_______)"

Question 15:Who writes most of Good Charlotte's music?
Benji and Joel
Joel and Paul
Benji and Billy
Joel and Chris

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