How well do you know Good Charlotte?
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How well do you know Good Charlotte?

Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1:" If you want me to wait I would wait for you, if you tell me to stay i would stay right through" are lyrics from what Good Charlotte song?
Girls and Boys
Hold on
Riot Girl
What the heck, that’s not in any of their songs!!!

Question 2:Who are the identical twins in the band??
Benji and Joel
Joel and Billy
Billy and Paul
Paul and Benji
Paul and Joel

Question 3:Who is Good Charlottes drummer now?
Aaron!!! Always has been and Always will be!!
Aaron and Chris take turns
Chris, Aaron let the band
Chris!? Aaron!? Where'd you get those names from!? The drummer is named Don!

Question 4:When did the band FIRST start??

Question 5:Name the parts in the band that each person plays
Joel-Lead Vocals, Benji-Vocals, lead guitar, Billy- Guitar, Paul- Bass
Joel-Vocals, lead guitar, Benji-Guitar, Billy- Bass, Paul- Lead Vocals
Joel- Bass, Benji- Guitar, Billy-Vocals, lead guitar, Paul-Lead Vocals

Question 6:How old were they when they FIRST started playing

Question 7:Where were Joel and Benji born??
They wont say Exactly, but it was somewhere in China
Waldorf, Maryland

Question 8:Who inspired them to start a band??
Britney Spears
Sum 41
City High
the Beastie Boys

Question 9:Where did Good Charlotte get there name?
Billy's mother's name is Charlotte, and she was a good cook, so they came up wit Good Charlotte
They got the idea from the book "Charlottes Web"
Good Charlotte took their name from a children's book

Question 10:She's got tattoos and piercing she likes Minor Threat, she likes Social Distortion" are lyrics from what Good Charlotte song??
Say Anything
The Anthem
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
Riot Girl

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