Good Charlotte Lyrics Quiz
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Good Charlotte Lyrics Quiz

A Quiz on Good Charlotte Lyrics from their album of the same name and 'Lifestyles of The Rich and The Famous' Just finish the Lryic unless stated otherwise.

Question 1:   'I stood outside his...'
bathroom window
garage door
window at night
girlfriends window
bedroom window

Question 2:   'Spend your lazy, endless crazy days...'
in my bed
in the park
with me
inside my head

Question 3:   'Isn't dad an obligation to...'

Question 4:   '...I wasn't paying attention, I walked into the wall again...'
I saw you grin and heard you laugh
I heard you laugh and saw you grin
It hurt my head
I heard you snear and saw you smile

Question 5:   'She walks down to the store a eight,?? walks with her and he thinks she's great.' (what should replace the question marks?)
her dad
her boyfriend
her bro
the devil
her ex

Question 6:   'Hard days made me...'
hard nights shaped me
long nights broke me
easy days broke me

Question 7:   'You broke my mothers heart, you...'
don't deserve happiness
will not be back again
broke your children for life

Question 8:   'you were downstairs you would sing..'
whilst you cleaned
all day long
songs of praise
songs from church

Question 9:   'Communication is a lot like the wind, when I speak...'
it's like no one understands
i sounds like a whistle
it just blows away
you can't hear me
it's like you don't even hear me

Question 10:   And finally, who is the song 'Wondering' written about?
Benji's brother Joel
His mother
Cashdogg (a dog)
No one in particular
none of these

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