Do you really know THAT much about Green Day lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong?

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Yeah, so you really think you know all those little bits of info about the rocking frontman of THE rocking band! We will see....

  • 1
    Billie Joe used to have what pierced, but took it out because it kept getting caught on his shirt?
  • 2
    Billie sometimes suffers from anxiety and what sort of attacks?
  • 3
    At what age did Billie go to an Operation Ivy concert, and was refused entry? A member of the band heard he wasn't allowed in, came out and personally escorted him into the concert.

  • 4
    Billie drives a ___ Ford Fairline.
  • 5
    How did Billie's cat, Zero, die?
  • 6
    Ok, here's a really easy one.
    Who gave Billie his first guitar, Blue? (It's now in retirement but he has several replicas)

  • 7
    Billie's nickname in high school was what, because he sold 'special things' for this much?
  • 8
    What did Billie's mother do on his birth certificate, because of all the painkillers she'd been given after childbirth?
  • 9
    In second grade, two girls beat Billie up so he would do what?
  • 10
    Billie Joe and Adrienne spent their honeymoon where?

  • 11
    The first time Billie Joe kissed Adrienne, he went home and wrote which song?
  • 12
    In early 2001, what happened to Billie?
  • 13
    Billie's birthday is also on the same day as what?
  • 14
    Billie likes playing what other instrument best?
  • 15
    Billie occasionally wears what?
  • 16
    It's tradition that at every concert Billie does what?

  • 17
    Billie hates what other band?
  • 18
    Billie has a guitar made of lots of different parts called what?
  • 19
    Billie uses what hair styling product to get his hair good and crunchy?
  • 20
    Billie Joe said he might be what in the future?

  • 21
    Billie's first album he bought was by who?
  • 22
    Billie always likes to take what on tour?
  • 23
    When did Billie Joe gust starred on the Howard Stern Radio show?
  • 24
    Billie was in a documentary called what in 2003?
  • 25
    Ok last one:
    What is Billie's wife's maiden name?

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