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It's hard to find anyone who doesn't love the Green Day song, "Good RIddance" (aka "Time of Your Life"). Many of those same people might not even know who sang the song. Or they might not know anything else about Green Day.
If you're one of those who kind of likes the band because of this mellow, contemplative single, which sold 2.6 million downloads in the U.S. and over a half mil in the UK, it might surprise you to know Green Day are actually a punk band. They formed in 1986 in Berkeley, CA, have several albums including two double platinum and a gold, and still tour today.
Of course, if you're a Green Day superfan, we just insulted your intelligence. Sorry! And if you're one of the haters who think Green Day aren't true punk musicians, but sellouts, why are you here? Anyway, welcome to our Green Day section. There are more than 125 quizzes here, from ones on lyrics to Billie Joe Armstrong to a really hard "Ultimate" test. Try a few now!

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