An Actual Punk Quiz

None of this Good Charlotte/Simple Plan crap. These are actual punk bands. Non of that generic MTV crap.

Question 1:Ian McKaye and Jeff Nelson are the owners of what punk label? Two of the bands on this label are Minor Threat and Fugazi.
Fat Wreck Chords
Dischord Records
Epitaph Records
GMM Records

Question 2:We all know that Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman were in Operation Ivy before Rancid. Who were the other guys, though?
Dave Mello and Jesse Michaels
Lars Frederiksen and Brett Reed
Fat Mike and Eric Melvin
Billie Joe Armstrong and Tre Cool

Question 3:Along with AFI, what band is Davey Havok in?
Tiger Army
The Misfits

Question 4:Fat Mike of NOFX is in what other band?
No Use For A Name
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Question 5:The guys of Frenzal Rhomb hail from where?
United States

Question 6:Warren Fitzgerald is the owner of what punk label?
Fat Wreck Chords
Kung Fu Records
Nitro Records
Epitaph Records

Question 7:What band is Warren Fitzgerald in?
Minor Threat
The Vandals

Question 8:Ian McKaye was in which two bands?
Minor Threat and Fugazi
Oi Polloi and the Lower Class Brats
The Descendents and ALL
Lagwagon and Hi-Standard

Question 9:What type of punk is "punk for the working class?"
Oi punk
Ska punk
Hardcore punk

Question 10:Joey Cape is the frontman of what band?
Zero Down

Question 11:The late Jim Cherry was a member of which of these bands?
Stretch Arm Strong and MxPx
NOFX and Lagwagon
The Misfits and Samhain
Pulley, Zero Down, and Strung Out

Question 12:What Los Angeles punk band managed to piss off everyone on their label? Fletcher from Pennywise threatened to rip off their lead singer/guitarist's hand.
Roger Miret and the Disasters

Question 13:Who is the owner of Epitaph Records?
Fletcher Dragge
Eric Melvin
Brett Gurewitz
Greg Antonitto

Question 14:Match the song and band with the lyrics. "I'm a person just like you but I have better things to do than sit around, fuck my head, hang out with the living dead."
Rancid - Junkie Man
Operation Ivy - Junkie's Runnin' Dry
Minor Threat - Straight Edge
Strung Out - Bring Out Your Dead

Question 15:Which of these record labels is not associated with Fat Mike of NOFX?
Fat Wreck Chords
Honest Don's Records
Pink and Black Records
Vagrant Records

Question 16:Milo Aukerman of The Descendents has a degree in what field?

Question 17:What NOFX song is about crappy bands that all sound the same?
The Cause
Stickin' In My Eye
Total Bummer

Question 18:Who originally recorded the song "Forming?"
The Germs
Agent Orange
Useless I.D.
The Exploited

Question 19:Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only were 2 of the original members of what horror-punk band?
The Misfits
Tiger Army

Question 20:What punk band is known for their naked, dancing fat guy on stage?
Strung Out
The Lawrence Arms
Dillinger Four
Alkaline Trio

This Quiz has been designed by Drew Brooks.