Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics quiz

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Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics quiz

  • 1
    "Busted in two like a brittle stick, I cannot drink because my mouth constricts"
  • 2
    "In a minute I'll be there, sit tight, get squared"
  • 3
    "The middle of the end is near, this what I know"

  • 4
    "It's hard to believe that there's nobody out there"
  • 5
    "Good things come to those who wait, like an expiration date"
  • 6
    "Come on courage, let's be heard, turn feelings into words"

  • 7
    "Some of us get a little and some a lot"
  • 8
    "It would be so cool to be cool with you"
  • 9
    "A solar system that fits in your eye"
  • 10
    "Drinking sunshine, she likes the taste of it"

  • 11
    "I threw my pistol in the ocean"
  • 12
    "If you never tell a lie then you never have to play dumb"
  • 13
    "Go ballistic, anarchistc"
  • 14
    "Make me feel like I want more than you again"
  • 15
    "Every woman has a piece of Aphrodite"
  • 16
    "Four years and you never even said goodbye"

  • 17
    "You wear the dress so very blue that you take my blues away"
  • 18
    "Dirty laundry, what a quandary"
  • 19
    "I got a metropolis in my hand"
  • 20
    "My gun misfired, shot myself instead I guess I always knew I'd be the one to lose"

  • 21
    "I've had a chance to be insane, asylum from the falling rain"
  • 22
    "And if I saw the sun fall down I'd pick it up and make a crown - one that was a perfect fit for you"
  • 23
    "I wanna listen to the radio driving down Calexico highway"
  • 24
    "You're the reason I'm in this world"
  • 25
    "Some people say you played me, I don't care if it's true, I'm waiting here for you"
  • 26
    "Do you smell like a girl when you smile"

  • 27
    "She would never know the reason that I loved to come and see her"
  • 28
    "Can't stop crying, these tears of change remain the same"
  • 29
    "No words I know what to express, this emptiness"
  • 30
    "The thorns of bougainvillea, I feel ya"

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