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I'm making this one easy, so if you think you're a real Queen fan and don't get all them right, shame on you.

  • 1
    We'll start off easy..."You say coke, I say canine. You say John I say Wayne"
  • 2
    "Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet
    Machine guns ready to go"
  • 3
    "What are you doing tonight, hey boy
    Set my alarm, turn on my charm"

  • 4
    "can you hear me you peers and privy counsellors
    i stand before you naked to the eyes"
  • 5
    "I have spent all my years in believing you
    But I just can't get no relief"
  • 6
    "I've taken my bows
    And my curtain calls
    You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it
    I thank you all"

  • 7
    "Listen all you people, come gather round
    I gotta get me a game plan, gotta shake you to the ground
    But just give me, huh, what I know is mine
    People do you hear me, just gimme the sign
    It ain't much I'm asking, if you want the truth
    Here's to the future for the dreams of youth"
  • 8
    "Inside my heart is breaking
    My makeup may be flaking
    But my smile still stays on
    Whatever happens, I'll leave it all to chance
    Another heartache, another failed romance
    On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?"
  • 9
    "He's for everyone of us
    Stand for everyone of us
    He save with a mighty hand
    Every man every woman
    Every chill-he's a mighty"
  • 10
    This was probably the easiest quiz ever so if you didn't get them all right I'll personally hunt you down and hit you with a Freddy Mercury doll from Argos. Now, onto the last question. "You're the first one when things turn out bad
    You know I'll never be lonely
    You're my only one
    And I love the things
    I really love the things that you do"

Comments (18)


876 days ago
I love the fact that everyone in the comments is coming for you bc you misspelt Freddie. It shows who the real Queen fans are lol
1139 days ago
it's FreddIE not Freddy. get it right it's been 28 years since he died. have some respect.
1359 days ago
1. It's cane, not canine.
2. It's Freddie, not Freddy.
1364 days ago
well...please at least spell his name right. It's Freddie, with ie not y...
1381 days ago
I had one mistake bc i didnt click on i😅😑
1413 days ago
They say that if you get some wrong then they will kill you with a Freddie Mercury doll but they spelt his flipping name wrong.
1429 days ago
lovely quiz but... you mightve made freddie mad by spelling his name wrong..! unless you were doing it as a joke
1485 days ago
Lol i like how you threatened everyone and you write Freddie’s name wrong, he’s Freddie not Freddy
1514 days ago
ok omg u spelled my name wrong ok im dead but how dare u get my name wrong!!!!!!!!
1547 days ago
1554 days ago
lol you can't even spell Freddie
1593 days ago
less violence... don't shame us...
1625 days ago
You spelled "freddie" wrong.
1669 days ago
Hunt me down lad, but it's freddie
1738 days ago
it's cane not canine haha
1863 days ago
You say this is the easiest quiz ever and if we get any thing wrong then you will hunt us down but you can’t even spell Freddie’s name. 😒😒😒
1871 days ago
You’re going to hurt me for not remembering song lyrics but you can’t even spell Freddie’s name right?
2496 days ago
Great quiz! Well done on the song and lyric choices.