How well do you know Eminem?
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How well do you know Eminem?

Do you think you know EVERYTHING about Eminem? Well, this quiz here could prove you wrong... Take it and you might be surprised!!

Question 1:Let's start with an easy one. When and where was Eminem born?
October 17th 1972, Kansas City, Missouri
October 17th 1974, Kansas City, Missouri
December 25th 1973, Detroit, Michigan
February 20th 1967, Aberdeen, Washington
July 4th 1970, Montreal, Canada

Question 2:When and where did he marry to Kim?
December 25th 1995, Warren, Michigan
February 24th 1992, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
May 1st 1998, Kansas City, Missouri
Who is Kim?
June 14th 1999, St.Joseph, MO

Question 3:When was his daughter born?
October 17th 1998
December 25th 1995
November 26th 1992
Does he have a daughter?!?

Question 4:What is her full name?
Hailie Jade Scott
Hailie Jade Mathers
Hailie Jade Briggs
Hailie Jade is a full name.
Whose full name?

Question 5:Who is Eminem's manager?
Paul D. Rosenberg
Ken Kanniff
John Silva
Malcolm McClaren
He doesn't have one.

Question 6:Who performs the skits of Ken Kanniff?
Ken Kanniff himself!
Johnny Rotten.
There are no such skits.
None of these mentioned.

Question 7:When was The Slim Shady LP released?
June 6th 1999
February 23rd 1999
December 7th 2000
What is The Slim Shady LP?
I don't know.

Question 8:When was The Marshall Mathers LP released?
August 26th 2000
January 3rd 2001
I don't know.
May 23rd 2000

Question 9:When was Devils Night released?
July 16th 2001
May 6th 2001
June 4th 2000
It was never released.

Question 10:When was The Eminem Show REALLY due and when was it finally released?
Due: June 4th 2002, Released:May 28th 2002
The release date was never transported. It was both due and released on June 4th 2002.
It hasn't been released yet.
Due: June 4th 2002, Released:May 26th 2002

Question 11:Why was The Eminem Show's release date transported?
In order to ambush plain fans so only the really devoted ones could get a copy of the Limited Edition package.
Due to internet piracy. Most of the songs were already around on the web causing Eminem to lose a great amount of money. So if they delayed its release a bit more it would have sold no copies.
It wasn't transported.
Just for fun.

Question 12:Which DVDs has Eminem released (Single ones. Not including the ones in the Limited Editions of his albums)?
He hasn't released any.
"Eminem Videos", "All Access Europe"
"The Slim Shady World Show"
"E", "All Access Europe", "The Slim Shady World Show"

Question 13:Which characters' voices does Eminem do on "The Slim Shady World Show"?
Big D, Dave, Marshall
Marshall, Slim, Ken Kanniff
He does the voices to all of the characters.
To none of them.

Question 14:Which of his songs has he performed live with Marilyn Manson?
My Name Is
The Way I Am
He hasn't performed any songs live with Manson.

Question 15:In which two songs(one is Eminem's, the other D12's) does Eminem mention Kurt Cobain?
Role Model, Purple Pills
Brain Damage, American Psycho
Cum on Everybody, Devils Night
Kill You, Devils Night
Mentions who?

Question 16:In which two songs does Eminem use the phrase "I just drank a fifth of vodka-dare me to drive?" ?
Stan, Role Model
My Name Is, Without Me
He only uses it in one song.
My Name Is, Stan
He has never used such a phrase.

Question 17:What does Eminem say at the end of "Public Service Announcement"?
"Yeah! Don't do drugs"
"Yeah! Sue me!"
"Don't do drugs"
"I'm just playing ladies! You know I love you!"
He doesn't say anything.

Question 18:Is there a D12 song on The Slim Shady LP? If yes, which song is it?
There is one. It's "S#!* on You".
There isn't one.
There is one. It's "Just Don't Give A F***"

Question 19:Which D12 song is on The Marshall Mathers LP and which on The Eminem Show?
Under The Influence, Say What You Say
Under The Influence, When The Music Stops
Purple Hills, Business
There are no D12 songs on these albums.

Question 20:Which song off of Devils Night is performed just by Eminem?
Purple Pills
Pistol Pistol
All songs are performed by all of D12.

Question 21:In which D12 song does Eminem say "We don't need no education" and the song ends just like "Another Brick in The Wall Part 2" by Pink Floyd?
The Wall
Another Brick in The Wall Part 7
Are you saying that he is a Pink Floyd fan?

Question 22:How many Eminem songs have videos?
He hasn't released any videos.

Question 23:Which was his first video & when was it released?
My Name Is, 1998
My Name Is, 1999
Just Don't Give A F***, 1998
Role Model, 1997
He hasn't released any videos!

Question 24:Which D12 songs have a video?
S#!* On You, Purple Hills, Fight Music
Purple Hills, Fight Music
S#!* On You, Purple Hills
Under The Influence

Question 25:In which songs of Dr.Dre's Chronic 2001 does he participate?
Forgot About DRE, Next Episode
What's The Difference, Forgot About DRE
What's The Difference, Guilty Conscience

Question 26:In which Royce Da 5'9'' 's video does he participate?
Rock City
Detroit Rock City
Bad Meets Evil

Question 27:Which two songs are a duet of Eminem and Dr.Dre and have videos?
What's The Difference, Forgot About DRE
My Name Is, Business
There are no such songs.
Forgot About DRE, Guilty Conscience

Question 28:What's the latest parody of an Eminem song Weird Al has released and which song does it parody?
The parody is called "Couch Potato" and it parodies "Lose Yourself"
The parody is called "Loosen The Shelf" and it parodies "Lose Yourself"
The parody is called "Smells Like Eminem" and it parodies "8 Mile"
The parody is called "Without Him" and it parodies "Without Me"
Who is Weird Al?

Question 29:Which song's chorus is used in the chorus of Sing For The Moment?
Queen's "Dream on"
Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven"
Sex Pistol's "Anarchy In The UK"
Aerosmith's "Dream On"
Eminem's "Sing For The Moment"

Question 30:What is the line of clothes Eminem has recently released called?
Slim Shady
Marshall Mothers
Shady Limited

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