For Eminem Fans only
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For Eminem Fans only

You guys think you know Eminem, try this test just to prove to me that you're right.

Question 1:   When is Eminem's Birthday
11th of October, 1970
2nd of February, 1979
17th of October, 1972

Question 2:   What is Eminem's Daughter's name?
Emily Chloe Monroe
Britany Spears
Hailie Jade Scott
Kelly Lucas

Question 3:   What is Eminem's 3 stage names?
Eminem, Manix and M&M
sexy blonde dude
Just Eminem

Question 4:   What are his band names?
D-12, Dr Dre and Jay-z
Obie, New Jacks
New Jacks, Soul Intent, D-12

Question 5:   What are Eminem's top singles?
Kim, Business, Holiday, Bitch
Lose Yourself, Cleaning out my closet, Without me, Stan, Real Slim Shady
Hey Ma, Drips, Purple Pills

Question 6:   Who did he make a combination CD with?
Dr Dre
Ja Rule

Question 7:   What are some are his acting Movies?
8 Mile, E
Fuck you, 12 Mile and Bad Boys
8 mile, The slim shady show, The wash and the hip hop witch

Question 8:   Name the first album Eminem ever made?
The Eminem Show
Marshell Mathers Lp

Question 9:   What colour is Eminem's hair in 8 Mile?
First half of the movie it was blonde next half was brown
His bold
Light brown

Question 10:   Where is Eminem's hometown?
New York

Question 11:   When did Eminem start rapping?
Late 1980's
In early 1990's
During 1984

Question 12:   How did he first support his daughter?
He would work cooking at a restaurant then rap at night
He started stripping
He worked for a newsagency

Question 13:   Where did Eminem's career start?
California, at the rap Olympics
New York, at a restaurant
London, at the beach
Australia, the Sydney opera house

Question 14:   When did "The slim shady Lp" get released?

Question 15:   What is Eminem's real name?
Bruce Em Deckard
Marshall Mathers Dylan II
Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Question 16:   Which charts did Eminem come on air first?
UK charts
USA Charts
US charts

Question 17:   What year did Eminem drop out of school?
Didn't go to highschool
Year 9
Year 10
Year 8

Question 18:   What records was Eminem signed to fist off and by who?
Shady Records by Obie Trice
Aftermath by Dr Dre
Tiki Chin by Nelly

Question 19:   What was so bad about the lyrics in '97 Bonnie and Cyde?
It contained lyrics about killing his mum
It contained lyrics about the killing of this child's mother
It contained lyrics about his near death experience

Question 20:   Which song is not in The Eminem show?
Without Me

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