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  • 1
    Let your hair down to the track,
    Yeah kick on back.
    The boogies monster of rap,
    Yeah the man's back
    With a plan to ambush this Bush administration,
    Mush the Senate's face in and push this generation
  • 2
    I'm like, "Guidance - ain't they got the same moms and dads
    who got mad when I asked if they liked violence?"
    And told me that my tape taught 'em to swear
    What about the make-up you allow your 12-year-old daughter to wear?
  • 3
    Look at me work wizardry with these words
    Am I a jerk or just jerk chicken
    Or Chicka chicka chicka chicka jer jer jerkin the chain
    22 jerks and a jerk circle
    Or is it a circle jerk or wait a minute

  • 4
    The first victim I had, she was a big one
    Big movie star, a party girl, big fun
    She was the girl the media always picked on
    In and out of rehab, every four to six months

  • 5
    I went to John's rave with Ron and Dave
    And met a new wave blonde babe with half of her head shaved
    A nurse aid who came to get laid and tied up
    with first aid tape and raped on the first date
  • 6
    She sitting there getting liquored up at the bar.
    She says it's quicker to count the things that ain't wrong with you than to count the things that are.
    There's a seven disc CD changer in her car, and I'm in every single slot, and you're not. Aww.
    I'm the logo on the Dallas cowboy helmet.

  • 7
    Started a group of misfits
    Proof had a proposition
    If we all brand together, there ain't no stopping this shit
    Come up with aliases, bipolar opposites and
    Be ready to come off the top as sharp position
  • 8
    Sometimes I forget what other people just may think
    A lot of rappers probably wouldn't know how to take me
    If they heard some shit, I'd lay the tape 'fore they erase me
    I maybe a little too fast paced and racy
  • 9
    Lesson one: Throw demos as hard as you can at signed rappers
    Lesson two: Face em and diss em (Whattup dog?)
    Don't give 'em a demo; kidnap 'em (I want you to come with me)
    And make em come to your basement and listen
    (you're gonna fuckin check this out)
    Lesson three: Get a job at a label; switch demos with canibus
    And put yours on the owner's table (Here listen!)
  • 10
    Mr mathers is the man
    Yeah I'm pissed but I would rather take this energy and stash it in a can
    Come back and whip your ass with it again
    Salivas like sufiric acid in your hand itll eat through anything metal the ass of iron man
    Turn him into plastic so for you to think that you could stand a fuckin chance is asinine
    Yeah ask the nine man

  • 11
    A beautiful face is all that you had
    Cause on the inside you're ugly, and mad
    But you're all that I love
    I grasp, you can't leave
    Please stay here with me, baby, hold me please
  • 12
    Now I know you're feelin discouraged but homie just mark my words
    I'm mur-durin the flow, liquid courage I'm fin' to blow
    As soon as we hit the do' power surges head to toe
    I'm sure to push it as far as words are meant to go
  • 13
    I love pissin' you off, it get's me off,
    like my lawyer's, when the fuckin' judge let's me off,
    all you motherfuckers gotta do is set me off,
    I’ll violate and all the motherfuckin' bet's be off
  • 14
    My baby's mom, bitch made me an angry blonde
    So I made me a song, killed her and put Hailie on
    I may be wrong, I keep thinkin these crazy thoughts
    in my cranium, but I'm stuck with a crazy mom
  • 15
    don't think she understands the sacrifices that I made
    Maybe if this bitch had acted right I would've stayed
    But I've already wasted over half of my life I would've laid
    Down and died for you I no longer cry for you
  • 16
    It's Ken Kaniff on the, internet
    Tryin to, lure your kids with him, into bed
    It's a, sick world we live in these days
    "Slim for Pete's sakes put down Christopher Reeve's legs!"

  • 17
    Every CD critics gave it a 3, then 3
    Years later, they'd go back and re-rate it
    And call the Slim Shady LP the greatest
    The Marshall Mathers was a classic
    The Eminem Show was fantastic
    But Encore just didn't have the caliber to match it
  • 18
    I roam the streets so much they call me a drifter
    Sometimes I stick up a thumb just to hitch hike
    Just to get picked up to get me a lift to 8 mile and Van Dyke
    And steal a god damn bike from somebody's backyard
    And drop it off at the park that was the half way mark
  • 19
    We drive around in million dollar sports cars
    While little kids hide this tape from their parents like bad report cards
    Outsiders, and we suing the courts
    Cause we dope as fuck and only get a 2 in The Source
  • 20
    It's just like old times, the dynamic duo, two old friends, why panic, you already know who's
    fully capable, the two capped heroes, dial straight down the center eight-zero-zero, you can
    even call collect, the most feared duet, since me and Elton played career Russian Roulette

  • 21
    I could accomplish any task
    Practicing trash talking in a trance
    Locked in my room yeah but I got some plans mama
    These damn rhymes are falling
    Out of my pants pocket I can't stop it

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