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If you love rap and hip-hop, you know by now it's not everyone's jam. If you've ever blasted Soulja Boy or Li'l Wayne as you drove through a parking lot, you probably got some nasty stares. And your own family or friends might even have asked, "Why do you LIKE that crap?"
Well, just forget about those people, who CLEARLY have no taste - you're among friends here in our rap and hip-hop quiz section! Here you'll find over 40 quizzes devoted to your favorite kind of music. See how much you know about the aforementioned artists, as well as 50 Cent, '90s hip-hop, Puerto Rican rap and more.
No, rap and hip-hop aren't for everyone, but they're here to stay, and that's all that matters. Have fun with these quizzes right now. If you want, challenge your friends to beat your scores!

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