The Ultimate P.Diddy (Puff Daddy) Fan Test!!!!
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The Ultimate P.Diddy (Puff Daddy) Fan Test!!!!

For all the dedicated P.Diddy-or Puff Daddy as you might know him-fans out there. If you REALLY want to show your stuff then do this quiz!!!!

Question 1:What is P.Diddy's real name?
Tupac Shakur
Jamal Whitaker
Pea D. Dee
Sean Combs

Question 2:When was P.Diddy born?
4th November, 1969
24th November, 1969
4th November, 1968
24th November, 1968

Question 3:Due to the tragic murder of his father when P.Diddy was just two years old, where was he and his mother and sister forced to move to?
Mount Everest, West Virginia
Lake Wekklewein, Ohio
Prague, Czech Republic
Mount Vernon, New York

Question 4:At the age of twelve where was P.Diddy's first entrepreneurial flair exhibited?
Through his successful rat cloning project
Through his successful job at the local pizzeria
Through his successful paper route
Through his successful homemade lemonade stall/business

Question 5:What was one school that P.Diddy attended in New York?
Mount Kodak Monastery School
Mount Vernon Saint Nicholas Academy
Mount Vernon Montessori School
School Of Hard Knocks

Question 6:Sean attended which university?
Universe University, Zelnon-Planet Mars
Yale University, New York N.Y.
Pleasantville University, Point Pleasant W.V.
Howard University, Washington D.C.

Question 7:What was P.Diddy's first job in the entertainment industry?
A D.J./radio host for a radio station
A sound mixer assistant at a recording studio
A chauffeur for rap artist Snoop Dogg
An intern for a record company

Question 8:At what age did P.Diddy become director of A&R?

Question 9:When P.Diddy moved over to Arista Records he started his own what?
Coffee-making business
An Entertainment company
Multi-million dollar profiting computer programming company
Relationship with music mogul Suge Knight

Question 10:What was the name of the young rapper who performed a huge hit "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" with P.Diddy (known as Puff Daddy at the time)?
Willy Wonka

Question 11:Sadly in March of 1997 a talented rap artist and best friend to Puff daddy, Notorious B.I.G was shot & killed. What was the name of the single Puff daddy released shortly after, in memory of B.I.G?
One Last Time
In Memory...
Bad Boy For Life
Missing You

Question 12:What was the name of Puff Daddy's, platinum selling debut album, which was released in the Summer of 1997?
No Way Out
Which Way Is In?
Puff The Magic Dragon
Hell Up In Harlem

Question 13:Who were three of the many artists that featured on Puff Daddy's debut album?
Lil' Kim, Mase, Faith Evans
Notorius B.I.G, 2Pac, Jagged Edge
Mase, Charlie Brown, J.Lo
Elton John, Mary.J.Blige, Mase

Question 14:In the Winter of 1997 Puff Daddy and the entire Bad Boy Family toured and they also featured other rap and R'n'B artists. Two of them were?
Usher and Fredro Starr
Foxy Brown and Britney Spears
Fredro Starr and Chris Rock
Busta Rhymes and Foxy Brown

Question 15:What is one song that Puff Daddy performed with an artist or band of another genre and was said to be on of the break downs of the barriers separating rap with other types of music
"Pyjamas Rock" with The Calling
"Missing You" with Elton John
"Satisfy You" with Celine Dion
"Benjamins Rock" with the Foo Fighters

Question 16:What was the name of Puff Daddy's second and also platnium selling album?
Friends Forever
Satisfy You
The Greatest Hits Album

Question 17:During a break in performing Puff Daddy changed his name to P.Diddy. After this he released an album with The Bad Boy Family called what?
The Drama Continues
The Songs Continue
The Star Trek Mission To Space Continues
The Saga Continues

Question 18:What are three smaller businesses that were started by The Bad Boy Family and are now famous and multi-million dollar making?
Big Boy Technologies, Justin Coon's Music Publishing, New York Times
MacDonald's Family Restaurants chain, Bad Boy Marketing, Bad Boy Productions
Market & Coon's Entertainment, Bad Boy Books, Bad Boy Chocolates
Sean John clothing line, Bad Boy Technologies, Notorious Entertainment

Question 19:What is the name of the charity founded by P.Diddy?
Daddy's House
Mommy's House
Little House of Big Things
Little Shop of Horrors

Question 20:What are the name's of P.Diddy's two sons and step-son?
Justin, Jamal, Jareem
Willy, Billy, Milly
Justin, Quincy, Christian
Justin, Dejohn, Sean

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