The Ultimate Tu Pac Shakur quiz
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The Ultimate Tu Pac Shakur quiz

Nobody knows Pac like I know Pac....

Question 1:Pac's Date of Birth was...
Jan 6 1971
June 16 1971
July 6 1971
Jan 16 1971
July 16 1971

Question 2:Pac's real full name was...
Tupac Amaru Shakur
Lesane Parish Crooks
Jeral Wayne Williams
Elmer Geronimo Pratt

Question 3:During his childhood, Pac's mother would make him read what newspaper if he was bad?
Washington Post
Waterloo Chronicle
The New York Times
The Toronto Star

Question 4:In what city did Pac "start hanging with the wrong crowd"?
Bronx, Harlem
Oakland, Cali
Baltimore , MD
Brooklyn, NY

Question 5:By the time he was 20, How many times had Pac been in jail?

Question 6:Pac's first album was called?
2Pacalypse Now
Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.Z
Brenda's Got A Baby

Question 7:Sadly in Nov 1994, Pac was robbed of 40,000 worth of his jewelry... He was shot how many times?

Question 8:Again, Sadly, Pac was shot in cold blood on Sept 7th by an unknown gunman, Dying on what day?
September 11, 1996
September 17, 1996
September 13, 1996
September 15, 1996

Question 9:Where did Pac write one of his greatest hits "Dear Mama"?
On the Road
Ballet School
In Jail

Question 10:Pac's Wife's Name was ?
Kidada Jones
Salli Richardson
Arnelle Simpson
Keisha Morris

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