Are You A Rocker or a Poser?
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Are You A Rocker or a Poser?

Do you seriously rock people's worlds, or do you just like the music to go along with your friends and pretend to know what they're on about when they talk of 'Master of Reality'?

Question 1:First off, Who released the 'Master of Reality' Album mentioned in the Title?
Black Sabbath
Linkin Park

Question 2:In all seriousness, Fred Durst is...
the Anti-Rock
A Great Singer
A bit of a Twat

Question 3:Three Words: Courtney killed Kurt...
No, it's all a conspiracy
Kurt who?
Yes, I know my facts!

Question 4:In all seriousness, Avril Lavigne is...
The greatest!
Immensely Annoying
Pretty Hot

Question 5:Who of these three are your favourite band...
Papa Roach

Question 6:In all seriousness, Linkin Park are...
The Greatest Rockers on Earth
A decent band
A boyband

Question 7:Which song are you most likely to get weepy to?
Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark
Staind - Outside
Ozzy Osbourne - See You on the Other Side

Question 8:In all seriousness, Ozzy Osbourne is...
What kind of a name is Ozzy? I mean HONESTLY!
The God of Rock
That guy off The Osbournes

Question 9:Was creating the Osbournes selling out?
YES! it just creates more lil kiddie-rockers!
sold... out? what'd he done before?
The guy wants more money, leave him be!

Question 10:When you see 5-year-olds in Slipknot hoodies, you feel...
the need to flick them a 'rock-on' sign
murderous rage at them not being able to understand the angst
feel? I am a 5-year-old in a Slipknot hoody!

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