Are you a real rocker?
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Are you a real rocker?

Are you are hard core rock fan or just in it for the fashion? Are you the real deal or as phony as plastic cheese? Take the test and find out...

Question 1:   What do you think of Avril Lavigne, is she the real deal or giving rock a bad reputation?
Why do you think I practice voodoo?
What are you on about? Avril rocks of course she's real!
She sucks!

Question 2:   It's Science and you're asked to dissect a cows heart. What are you thinking?
I feel a little queasy but this could be kinda cool!
That's sick man, all that blood!
Wow...dreams can come true!

Question 3:   Which of these bands are you most likely to listen to?
Linkin Park, The Darkness, Sum41, Blink 182, Greenday
Busted, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Good Charlotte
Marylin Manson, Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Murder Dolls

Question 4:   What clothes are you most likely to wear out of these options?
Hoodies, baggies, tops with bands on and stuff like that
Any bright colour with black stripes, it's soo fashionable!
Black velvet, black lace, black leather, get the picture?

Question 5:   What hard core rock concerts have you been to?
Loads, Marylin Manson is so good!
Does Busted and Avril count?
A few, they were wicked! Bands like Sum41 and stuff.

Question 6:   Be honest, what do you think of mosh pits and have you been in any?
I've been in a few, they're kinda cool but scary!
They're so scary and dangerous, no way would I go in one!
Tons, I even went crowd surfing once!

Question 7:   How long have you been into the rock scene? Answer truthfully.
All my life!
1-2 years
Less then a year

Question 8:   Which of these words are most likely to describe you?
Dark, black, bleak view of life
Fashionable, trend follower, in with the crowd
Different, unique, unusual

Question 9:   What kind of accessories do you go for?
A bit O.T.T. but very gothic and unique. I scare old ladies!
Chains, spikes, dog collars etc
Sweat bands, shag bands, very Avril style

Question 10:   Which of these are you most likely to say?
Life sucks!
I am who I am
I poke rabbits with spoons!

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