The Greatest Classic Rock Quiz Known to Mankind!
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The Greatest Classic Rock Quiz Known to Mankind!

So, you think you know your AC/DC and your Led Zeppelin and so forth, right? Wrong! You think you can prove me wrong? Try this horrible quiz. Hey, you might get lucky, but I highly doubt it...

Question 1:   Let's begin! Now, who created the great song, "Fairies Wear Boots"?
The Who
Pink Floyd
Black Sabbath

Question 2:   Number two, which one of these isn't a Supertramp album?
Crime of the Century
Bridges of Babylon
Crisis? What crisis?
Breakfast in America
Even in the Quietest Moments

Question 3:   Ok loser, this one is easy I think! Which one isn't a member of Led Zeppelin (not Zepplin)?
Alex Lifeson
Robert Plant
John Paul Jones
Jimmy Page
John Bonham

Question 4:   Enough! Which song has Pink Floyd done an amazing cover of?
Hotel California
House of the Rising Sun
Sweet Home Alabama
Let it Be
Light my fire

Question 5:   So far, so bad! Ok that joke sucked horribly. Number 5! Which one of these people are still alive?
Jimi Hendrix
John Bonham
Randy Bachman
Jim Morrison
Bon Scott

Question 6:   You are stupid. Which one of these isn't an AC/DC song?
Problem Child
Sink the Pink
You Shook Me
Hell ain't a bad place to be

Question 7:   Ok, dickweed! The spaceships on the Boston albums are supposed to be shaped like what?
normal space ships

Question 8:   You suck. What year was the Black Sabbath album, "Paranoid", made in?

Question 9:   Bleh! What is John Paul Jones' real name?
John Baldwin
John Raymond
Billy Paul Jones
John Paul
Joey Duenos

Question 10:   Last one! What does BTO stand for?
Bachman Turner Overdrive
Bachman Timmon Overdrive
Burton Turner Overdrive
Bachman Turner Overkill
Bachman Turber Overdone

This Quiz has been designed by Ryan Welfle.