Who Is Your Inner Rock Star?
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Who Is Your Inner Rock Star?

Deep down you're a rock god. You were born for lights, limos, glamour, and don't forget the babes. Discover your inner rock star and start living the rock'n'roll lifestyle. I can already hear your screaming fans.

Question 1:Are you a guy or a girl?
Not sure. . . .

Question 2:Your Voice is. . .
Quiet and breathy
Loud and Wacky
Cute and perky
Deep and soulful
Powerful and Loud

Question 3:Your Clothes Selection is. . .
All of the most eye popping vintage clothes you can get your hands on
Filled with belly bearing tops and the latest denim miniskirts
I’m not sure. . . . Just some ratty jeans and an old tee shirt I guess. . .
Basics, Basics, Basics (But always topped off with vintage jewelry)
Just the basic puffy coat, adidas sneakers, and baggy jeans

Question 4:Your Friends are. . .
I guess I have friends, but we like to call it the “gang”, literally
Everyone is my friend, as long as they like to just chill
All of the underground ravers that like to party all the time
I have a few best friends, and that’s all I need.
The totally popular teen babes! I mean, like everyone is my friend!, but we totally click!

Question 5:And how nicely decorated is your place?
Like a college dorm room (messy as heck)
It's modest but homey
Gypsy bedding, fiftie’s mirrors and all the coolest random stuff you can find
The Canopy bed, with nsync and backstreet boy pics all over my walls
A bed and walls, who needs all that material stuff, when you just sleep and smoke in there.

Question 6:Rate your energy level:
Full of Energy and Creativeness!

Question 7:Are you comfortable around unpredictable people?
No way - just peace
Not really
Sure, I never know what's next
Yeah, if they stay out of MY WAY!

Question 8:It's 6pm on a Tuesday night. You're most likely:
Spending Time with relatives/Writing Songs from the heart
Chillin at home
Hanging out with friends
Getting ready to go out on the town to ROCK at the latest Slipknot Concert
Getting ready for the next rave

Question 9:The best place to hear live music is:
In a small, intimate coffee shop
At a raging club
At an outdoor, weekend-long festival
Madison Square Garden

Question 10:How long does it take to make yourself look good every morning?
30+ Minutes - Lemme See, With all my layers of makeup and hair curling and shower and. . .
10 minutes - shower and some lip-gloss
20 minutes - Enough makeup to look good, but not overdoing it!
5 minutes - Shower and go
Right out of bed. . . literally

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