How Well Do You Know Sum 41?

Think You Know Everything about Ajaxians Sum 41?Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Question 1:What Is Deryck's Favorite quote?
I Always Get My Meat You Know That!
It's A Cream Dream!
Ligigi,gigigi,gwee oh go!
Drop Troush And Show Us Some Boosh!

Question 2:What Was Dave's Former Nickname?
Hot Chocolate

Question 3:Who Is On Steve's Bedroom Wall?
David Desrosiers And Carson Daly
Britney Spears And Christina Aguliera
Greig Nori And Trevor Mac Greggor
Bob Barker And James Brown
Blink 182 And Danko Jones

Question 4:What Is Steve's Sister's Name?
Jessica Jocz
Jenna Jocz
Christi Jocz
Stokely Jocz
Jenn Jocz

Question 5:What Was The Former Bassist's Name?

Question 6:Who Was Obsessed Over Sum 41 Recently And Was Following Them Everywhere?
Avril Lavigne
Britney Spears
Kelly Clarkson
Mariah Carey
Gwen Stefani

Question 7:Dave Has How Many Siblings?
2,A Older Brother And An Older Sister
4,A Younger Brother And Sister,An Older Sister And Brother
1,A Younger Sister
A Step Sister

Question 8:What Are Cone And Dave's Girlfriends Names?
Sara And Charlotte
Shannon And Benny
Samantha And Carey
Jane And Jessica
Jasmine And Bianca

Question 9:Who Manages Sum 41?
Joel Madden
Greig Nori
Benji Madden
David Desrosiers
Sebastien Lefebvre

Question 10:What Type Of Car Did They Go Water Gunning In And With What Member Of What Band?
Black 1993 VW Beetle,With Mike Of Not By Choice
Yellow 1990 Grand Am,With AJ Of Not By Choice
Silver 1974 El Camino,With Chico Of Not By Choice
Red 1996 Sunfire,With Matt From Lizard Tongue
Red 1997 Trans Am,With An Unknown Member Of Embodiment

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