The George Harrison Quoz

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A quiz about George Harrison spanning from his years in the Beatles to his solo career (and beyond...

  • 1
    An easy one to begin with... George Harrison was...
  • 2
    What was the first song written by George Harrison to appear on a Beatles album?
  • 3
    What was the second song George Harrison wrote for the Beatles?

  • 4
    Which Beatles albums contains most songs by George Harrison in comparison to the amount of Lennon/McCartney songs?
  • 5
    George Harrison met his first wife Patty Boyd during the making of which Beatles movie?
  • 6
    What song did George Harrison record with the Beatles during the making of the White Album but remained unreleased until he re-recorded it for a solo album?

  • 7
    George Harrison and Eric Clapton wrote a song together that appeared on a Cream album. It was...
  • 8
    How did the title to that song came about?
  • 9
    The last song to be recorded by the Beatles was a song by George Harrison. It was...
  • 10
    On his birthday in 1969, George Harrison recorded demos for a couple of songs, two of which were Something and Old Brown Shoe. The third was...

  • 11
    Now for George's solo career: Before releasing his first proper solo album of songs, he recorded two instrumental albums. What were they called?
  • 12
    George Harrison recorded a song in memory of John Lennon. What was it called?
  • 13
    Below are given four solo albums by George. What is the correct order in which they were released?
  • 14
    Who was not a member of the Traveling Wilburys?
  • 15
    What is George's son called?
  • 16
    "We're living in a bad dream, they've forgotten all about mankind" are lines from which song?

  • 17
    In 2002, David Bowie covered a song by George Harrison. What song was it?
  • 18
    Who had the basic idea of doing the Concert For George?
  • 19
    Who appeared as a guest with Monty Python at the Concert for George?
  • 20
    The last question: Who played keyboards on one song on both Gone Troppo and Brainwashed?

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