Beatles Final Exam

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My Beatles exam. Runs the gamut from pre-1955 to 2014.

  • 1
    Who was the oldest Beatle?
  • 2
    What is Ringo's real name?
  • 3
    What was the Beatles’ first single, which hit #1 on the charts?

  • 4
    Who were the first two Beatles to meet?
  • 5
    Where did John and Paul first meet?
  • 6
    When did the Beatles break up?

  • 7
    Who was the first Beatle to get married?
  • 8
    Who was the original drummer before Ringo?
  • 9
    How old was George Harrison when he joined the band?
  • 10
    What was the original band called in 1956 before becoming The Beatles?

  • 11
    What position did John Lennon play?
  • 12
    Why did the Beatles leave Hamburg in the early 1960s?
  • 13
    How many songs did Ringo sing across all Beatles albums?
  • 14
    What is the Beatles’ world record for #1 hits?
  • 15
    What was the name of George Harrison’s first wife?
  • 16
    Who was the song Hey Jude written for?

  • 17
    Paul McCartney wrote the song Here, There, and Everywhere in the early morning for ___ while waiting for him/her to wake up.
  • 18
    18.) While John and Yoko were recording Revolution 9, Paul and George were in the next room recording
  • 19
    The song Eleanor Rigby was inspired by
  • 20
    George Harrison had a black eye at the first official Beatles photoshoot because

  • 21
    Before joining his first band, Ringo Starr worked as a ___ in Liverpool.
  • 22
    Paul’s father gifted him a ___ for his 14th birthday, which he would later exchange for his first guitar.
  • 23
    Linda Eastman admitted to her husband Paul that her favorite Beatle had once been
  • 24
    At the beginning of Happy Xmas (War is Over), John and Yoko wish a Merry Christmas to
  • 25
    At the recording studio, the crew often privately referred to Paul McCartney as
  • 26
    The Beatles starred in a Shakespeare skit to commemorate the author's 500th birthday. After, John and Paul gifted each other cats named

  • 27
    The person most often credited on records other than the four Beatles was
  • 28
    Paul McCartney contributed to a Beach Boys song on the album Smiley Smile and is credited as
  • 29
    In 1967, ___ appeared in the comedy film How I Won the War.
  • 30
    The first song Paul ever heard John sing was

  • 31
    John Lennon met Yoko Ono at
  • 32
    The song Because is mostly nonsense and was written because
  • 33
    Jim McCartney disapproved of John Lennon spending time with his son, so to keep it a secret, John and Paul
  • 34
    John eventually replaced Pete Best with Ringo Starr by ___’s recommendation.
  • 35
    The Beatles’ final live concert was on
  • 36
    A serious car accident resulted in ___ being absent from the recording and final version of Here Comes the Sun.
  • 37
    In 2004 a memorial tree was planted in LA for George Harrison. In 2014 it was killed by
  • 38
    In the song Hey Jude, John Lennon encouraged Paul McCartney to include the line
  • 39
    During a brief break from the band, Ringo composed his first independent song
  • 40
    John wrote and dedicated the song ___ for his late mother
  • 41
    The first song Paul ever composed in 1956 was
  • 42
    The Beatles were the first band to release a “music video” which consisted of John shouting at George for changing the thermostat while ___ plays.
  • 43
    George Harrison passed away on ___, due to ___.
  • 44
    The only two Beatles to be physically attacked and injured were
  • 45
    The song ___ originally came to Paul in a dream.
  • 46
    John and Paul’s working title for the song Yesterday was
  • 47
    On September 30, 1961, John and Paul took a private trip together to ___ for John’s birthday.
  • 48
    Sean Lennon and ___ share the same birthday: October 9.
  • 49
    What is Paul's middle name?
  • 50
    Which of the Beatles is left handed?
  • 51
    Who is the Beatles movie Help! dedicated to?
  • 52
    The night before they met, John and Paul both had dreams about
  • 53
    What is the estimated number of Beatles albums sold worldwide?
  • 54
    At the 1970 43rd Academy Awards, the Beatles won an Oscar for
  • 55
    The phrase “A Hard Day’s Night” was originally coined by
  • 56
    John Lennon was shot to death in New York on
  • 57
    In early 1960, John and Paul hiked to Caversham, Berkshire and played a two-night set as
  • 58
    What was the name of Paul McCartney’s Old English Sheepdog?
  • 59
    John Lennon met his first wife, Cynthia Powell,
  • 60
    The only actor to appear in three Beatles films was
  • 61
    John Lennon was raised by ___ after social services were repeatedly called on his mother.
  • 62
    The only two Beatles to ever live together long-term were
  • 63
    During the late 1950s, Paul McCartney was briefly engaged to his then-girlfriend
  • 64
    The infamous “bigger than Jesus” controversy eventually caused the band
  • 65
    The song Get Back was written mockingly about
  • 66
    Which two Beatles were tricked into taking LSD after a dinner party host slipped it into their coffee?
  • 67
    Which of the songs below was not written in honor of John Lennon after his death?
  • 68
    Which of the songs below was written in honor of George Harrison after his death?
  • 69
    On November 2, 1963, the English newspaper The Daily Mirror coined the now famous term ___, to describe the media frenzy around the Beatles.
  • 70
    Before joining the Beatles in Hamburg, Ringo Starr was the drummer for their rival band
  • 71
    In January 1969, the Beatles made an unannounced live appearance ___ before it was shut down by the police for causing traffic.
  • 72
    On ___ the Beatles arrived at JFK in New York, officially sparking Beatlemania in the U.S.
  • 73
    In hotel rooms, the Beatles often grouped up with ___ in one room, ___ in the other, and their managers between them.
  • 74
    On April 17, 1998, Paul’s first wife Linda died of
  • 75
    Respectively, John, Paul, George, and Ringo were known as the ___ Beatles.
  • 76
    The name “Sargent Pepper” was created by ___, who misheard the words “Salt and Pepper".
  • 77
    The corrupt ___ became manager of the Beatles in 1969, forcing them to sue each other when the band broke up.
  • 78
    John Lennon was rumored to have had affairs with all the below except
  • 79
    Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ manager largely responsible for their rise to fame, died of a drug overdose on
  • 80
    Who was the only Beatle who did not have brown eyes, but rather blue eyes?
  • 81
    During the recording of ___ in 1968, Ringo left the band for 2 weeks after an argument with Paul.
  • 82
    She Loves You was the first Beatles single to sell
  • 83
    The song ___ was recorded by Paul and Ringo on a whim when they had an afternoon off together.
  • 84
    Julia is the only song in Beatles history
  • 85
    The song Golden Slumbers was written for
  • 86
    The Beatles movie ___ was a critical and commercial failure, although its album did very well on the charts.
  • 87
    Paul McCartney’s second wife Heather Mills divorced him in 2008, demanding £125 million, which was denied after
  • 88
    The album title Rubber Soul was inspired by the mocking phrase ___, which referred to English soul music.
  • 89
    In 1965, ___ was rumored by conspiracy theorists to have died and been replaced by a man called Billy Shears.
  • 90
    The songs ___ and ___ evoke the feeling of the 1950s Liverpool the Beatles grew up in.
  • 91
    Which Beatles album is the only one entirely made up of Lennon-McCartney compositions?
  • 92
    In 1969, John changed his middle name from Winston (after Churchill) to
  • 93
    In 1969, Paul married his first wife, Linda Eastman. Exactly one week later,
  • 94
    What was the working title for the Beatles film Help?
  • 95
    Which Beatle was the first to get the iconic mop-top haircut?
  • 96
    Each Beatle has been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame
  • 97
    How many times did the Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show?
  • 98
    Which Beatles song has a world record for 3,000+ covers of a classic rock song?
  • 99
    Which Beatle is allegedly the first to have decided to leave the band?
  • 100
    Ultimately, the breakup of the Beatles was solely caused by

Comments (9)


429 days ago
If you’re going to do 100 questions at least have the right answers to all of them.
848 days ago
100 questions is a little too much.
1107 days ago
I did enjoy doing this quiz and the depth and breadth of subjects covered is impressive. However, spelling mistakes and factual errors are inexcusable. You have an internet connection and a browser and you can type so there is no excuse for not researching the answers and checking the spelling before publishing your quiz.

Either way, a good attempt. I'll look forward to version 2. ;-)
1107 days ago
Question 3 is all screwed up. The correct answer (assuming it refers to the UK charts) is not even a choice (From Me to You). I assumed you'd mistakenly thought that Please Please Me went to number 1 first and so chose that but it was marked incorrectly and the explanation said something about the number of unique words used or something.....

For info, on UK Chart:

Love Me Do - 17
Please Please Me - 2
From Me to You - 1

Source - Wikipedia Beatles Discography.
1107 days ago
The one about Merry Xmas is correct. Yoko says "Happy Christmas Kyoko" and Lennon says "Happy Christmas Julian". You can hear it slightly better on the version included in the Lennon Anthology.
1133 days ago
after getting started i saw too many mistakes so i dropped out. some the these questionaires are too busy trying to be cute than being factual
1316 days ago
The one about Ringo being the first to wear a mop top is not true. He was the last, because the joined the band last, his hairstyle was different and he had a beard. George wore the mop top before John and Paul.
1374 days ago
So many things wrong with this quiz.
5: Technically John and Paul met in the village hall opposite the church.
13: Ringo did more than 5 cmon!
19: The fact there is a gravestone in Liverpool with Eleanor Rigby on is complete coincidence.
24: At the beginning of merry Xmas (war is over) John and Yoko say happy Christmas to the listener. Yoko: Happy Christmas, Yoko. John: Happy Christmas, John.
50: Ringo is also left handed. He just plays a right handed set up and because of his grandmother forcing the habit, wears a watch on his left wrist.
64: The Beatles stopped touring because they were exhausted of it and didn't see the point if no one could hear them over the screams. Not because of the Jesus comment.
Probably not the only things but man... embarrassing.
1404 days ago
#13's Answer is wrong