The Fray, Who Said That?

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Who said that? Was it Isaac, Joe, Dave, or Ben? Answer the last two questions for BONUS points.

  • 1
    “Ladies up in here tonight, no fighting, no fighting. We’ve the refugees up in here tonight, no fighting no fighting… Boy I can see your body moving. It’s half animal and it’s half man. See I don’t really know what I’m doing, but you seem to have a plan!”
  • 2
    “We look like a band!”
  • 3
    “Yeah, go to school. I didn't and look what happened.”

  • 4
    “It's not easy being skinny/The bully makes me his goal/And when I arise to my full size/ he pulls my underpants to the top of the flag pole
  • 5
    “If figured it’d be a good idea to throw a paper airplane off the roof of the building”
  • 6
    “I wish I was VIVA LAS VEGAS!”

  • 7
    “Nothing is guaranteed. You may feel safe, but then your world collapses.”
  • 8
    “I didn’t eat lunch with the rest of the children”
  • 9
    “Do you have any salsa?”
  • 10
    “Why don’t you turn the camera around and show everyone you’re wearing sunglasses in a blue room? Do that back up thing!”

  • 11
    “My life is a joke? That’s my joke.”
  • 12
    “Isaac doesn't know it, but I actually gave him sleep aids to help him enhance dreams”
  • 13
    “They might need the beer more than we do tonight… for the sake of… them enjoying the show”
  • 14
    “The other day we had a fake intro, we played Cable Car and left the stage… we were like ‘thank you Pittsburgh!’ And everyone was like… what the hell?”
  • 15
    “Now here's a black screen.”
  • 16
    “Maybe you go so fast that if you didn’t wear this you’d lose half your hair”

  • 17
    “I don’t want cake on my piano!”
  • 18
    “Pretty nice ostrich leather.”
  • 19
    “We made it a point not to jump any steps”
  • 20
    “Is this going to be on the radio, or is this for us here?”

  • 21
    “One bunk per person, generally.”
  • 22
    “Is that Celsius or Fahrenheit?”
  • 23
    “For some reason we ended up in a karaoke bar…”
  • 24
    “I hope someone edits this or it’s going to be boring for d**n sure”

  • 25
    Who is the youngest member of the fray?
  • 26
    How many songs has The Fray covered?

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