White Stripes lyrics!

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This will test your knowledge of certain songs off of all 6 White Stripes albums! You better be a pretty huge fan in order to get these right! But if you can get them right there will be quite the reward! Today is February 2, 2010, for reference. And so this won't get rejected ~ there are no spelling mistakes! Those are actually song titles!

  • 1
    Well it's Easter morning now
    And there's no one around
    So i unroll the cement
    And walk into the town
  • 2
    Lots of girls walk around in tears
    But that's not for you
    You've been looking all around for years
    For someone to tell your troubles to
  • 3
    If you can hear a piano fall
    You can hear me coning down the hall

  • 4
    Don't you remember?
    You told me in December
    That a boy is not a man
    Until he makes a stand
    Will, I'm not a genius
    But maybe you'll remember this
    I never said I wanted to be a man
  • 5
    Women, listen to your mothers
    Don't just succumb to the wishes of your brothers
    Take a step back, take a look at one another
    You need to know the difference...
    Between a father and a lover
  • 6
    If you're looking for hot water
    Don't get shocked when you get
    Burned a little bit

  • 7
    Well any man with a microphone
    Can tell you what he loves the most
  • 8
    You make me feel a little older
    Like a full grown woman might
    But when you're gone I grow colder
  • 9
    She stumbles
    Started to slip and fall
    teeter tottered on the top
    Of patent leather shoes
  • 10
    Now I could easily understand
    How you could easily take my man
    But you do not know
    What he means to me

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