Can you guess Twenty One Pilots song title

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  • 1
    Am I the only one I know
    Waging my wars behind my face and above my throat
  • 2
    Lean with it rock with it when we gonna stop with it
    Lyrics that mean nothing we we're gifted thought
    Is it time to move our feet to an introspective beat
    It ain't the speakers that bump hearts
    It's our hearts that make the beat
  • 3
    Can you save
    Can you save my
    Can you save my --------------

  • 4
    I just wanna stay in the sun were I find it's I know hard sometimes
    Pieces of peace in the sun's peace of mind I know hard sometimes
  • 5
    I'm -----------
    I've been around
    I've seen the streets your walking down

  • 6
    I wake up fine and dandy
    But by the time I find it handy to rip my heart apart and start planning my crash landing
    I go up up up up up to the ceiling

  • 7
    I know what you think in the morning
    When the sun shines on the ground
    And shows what you have done
    It shows where your mind has gone
  • 8
    I do not know why I would go
    In front of you and hide my soul
    'Cause you're the only one who knows it,
    Yeah you're the only one who knows it
  • 9
    I can feel your breath
    I can feel my death
    I want to know you
    I want to see
    I want to say
  • 10
    Now the night is coming to an end
    The sun will rise and we will try again
    Stay alive, stay alive for me
    You will die, but now your life is free
    Take pride in what is sure to die

  • 11
    Scared of my own image, scared of my own immaturity,
    Scared of my own ceiling, scared I'll die of uncertainty,
    Fear might be the death of me, fear leads to anxiety,
    Don't know what's inside of me.
  • 12
    I need to know that when I fail you'll still be here,
    'Cause if you stick around I'll sing you pretty sounds,
    And we'll make money selling your hair.
  • 13

    I don't know why, I just feel I'm better off,
    Staying in the same room I was born in,
    I look outside, and see a whole world better off,
    Without me in it trying to transform it,
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569 days ago
I got 14/15 I'm pretty happy.... I'm just not good with math
1041 days ago
If you get 15/15 do you also get bragging rights?? Because if so....
15/15 here bois
1293 days ago
13/15 bc i skipped the maths ones ;)
1361 days ago

You have correctly answered 15 of 15 question.
1503 days ago
Exactly diddlydarnit
1651 days ago
Why the heck was there maths in this whaT