Do you really know Daniel Seavey as well as you think you do?

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You should expect a great quiz! there are 31 questions and they will go from easy to medium and lastly hard. the first 10 are easy, they next 10 are medium level and the last 10 are hard.

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    What is his full name?
    What is his full name?

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611 days ago
629 days ago
@alisss he plays 20 not 9 and his fav fruit is actually watermelon he used to talk about it all the time no hate to you
708 days ago
Oh and btw Alisss, don't know if you are gunna read this but in case you haven't seen all of his videos he loves watermelons!
oh and I friken love this video. I can watch it all day and fall in love with him all over again. He is so cute and funny. Btw in case you haven''t noticed, his favorite fruit is definitely watermelon. Love you Daniel! but ya, this quiz is jacked. Love ya!! 😘
709 days ago
Ok, I am only 12 as well but I friken love daniel. I love him and I love Why Don't We. I have been dreaming of going to one of there conserts ever since they formed a band. I just want to meet Daniel and just hug him then I know after that, everything will be better. I've been dreaming about Daniel for so long and it is my biggest dream for ever and there is nothing that will ever beat that dream. It will always be my dream and will never stop until it happens. I just want to know I met him and want him to remember me. I love him and I stay up all night watching him. That might be a lil creepy but it just makes me feel like I know him a little. I just hope my dream will come true. I love you Daniel!!!!! I hope I end up meeting you one day. You are amazing and so talented. I love watermelon too! Haha. Love you!! You are so funny, smart, caring, cute, and you really care about everyone and just have a huge heart. You are so talented and just wanted to remind you. I know everyone already does a lot but just wanted to reming you again. Love ya!
751 days ago
@Ally he don't like his tooth gap
761 days ago
782 days ago
I’m sry but there were a lot of incorrect answers here....Daniel plays about 20 instruments and there’s a few others that were wrong too
896 days ago
I got them all right
946 days ago
I am not being mean but I have liked daniel since idol and i know soooo many of things about him but at the same time i dont want to bombard his life so i choose not to go full on with all my knowledge abt him but im sooo bored during this. you did answer some wrong.
number 16 was harry connick jr not j lo
number 21 the exact number is 24 so it rounds down to 20
number 29 he has said many times he would switch with corbyn ive never heard him say jack
i got 27/30
957 days ago
,,You know daniel well but are not a superfan like me" this lane scares me cuz theres some wrong answers that she thoughts it was correct
972 days ago
Im just 13 but i really love Why Don't We
I dream about Daniel everyday
And i only scored 13 but when i checked through google its actually more
I love you wdw .you guys are sooo amazing😘😘
982 days ago
I am only twelve and am dreaming to meet wdw ❤️❤️
991 days ago
Sure I was on keeping up with the kardashians
1036 days ago
He does not play 30 instruments!! He plays 20 ya dumb dumb!!
1037 days ago
Their is no way I got 14out of 39 not true I knew most of it! :((( sadness
1047 days ago
hurron calm down man
1059 days ago
He plays 20 instruments
1059 days ago
Whoever did this quiz needs to redo it cause its wrong
I got 14 out of 30 right
1110 days ago
No way i got a 22/30. daniel plays 10 instruments not 30. This quiz is off on quite the few amount of questions...t
1130 days ago
it says I got a 19/30 but than I checked the answers and I really got 26/30 so whoever made this isn't the "biggest fan'. And for everyone who is saying Daniel was not born in Washington your wrong, Daniel was born in Vancouver, Washington and he did grow up in Portland. His favorite fruit is watermelon, and he plays 10 insterments not 30.