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How well do you know lyrics to Why Don't We songs?

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  • 1
    It's like our love cut the line in two
  • 2
    Why am I in my own way
  • 3
    Even though we young we flexin

  • 4
    Shop till you drop on the town
  • 5
    So take a chance, take a chance on me
  • 6
    Every single place we go you start a fight

  • 7
    I swear I'd walk, I'd run, I will even learn to fly
  • 8
    The crazy ones that love to party
  • 9
    Show me where your heart is
  • 10
    I got the keys for us

Comments (28)


716 days ago
at first i was ofended when i had 3 correct answers but your quiz is not really well done
795 days ago
i'm not a true limelight???? i think the whoever made this quiz isn't a true limelight....i know for a fact that all my answers were correct so do some research before making a quiz
871 days ago
Most of the answers here were wrong! Like ‘Every single place we go you start a fight’, that is from Hooked and not These girls. So please the next time you make a quiz search the correct answers!!! I’ve been a limelight for a long time now so I know the lyrics off by heart.
904 days ago
I know all of these songs, by heart. No offense, but you are not a true limelight. I know all of these songs. And I have been a limelight for 5 months.
904 days ago
THIS girl clearly doesn’t know the lyrics so why she making a quiz a bout there like lyrics?!
904 days ago
I know I got all of these right. please do not make a quiz unless you ACTUALLY know why don't we and their songs. Just saying.
942 days ago
Dude 7 of the "right" answers was wrong! Don't make this kind of a quiz unless YOU know the lyrics!
948 days ago
70% of these are wrong! What are you doing calling yourself a limelight if youve got hundreds of people trlling you that your WRONG!
948 days ago
70% of these are wrong... you clearly arent a limelighr if your fetting all these wrong!
958 days ago
THIS IS WRONG! It said I got 3/10 so clearly ur not a real limelight! I know my songs. So uhh why did u make this quiz for "Ultimate Limelights" when you aren't one yourself. Like why would just to see you smile be in, in too deep I mean like cmon now.
962 days ago
It's clear you're not a limelight. You said I got 3/10 but it's you who doesn't know the lyrics to their songs. I thought I was wrong, but then I checked and I was right.
994 days ago
What is this Girl even doing??!1!1!???
1001 days ago
this is not good
I got more right and even checked the songs for evidence!!!
Number 6 is hooked not Talk.
Number 4 is Trust fund baby not Taking you.
Number 5 is Big plans not Hooked.
Number 7 is Just to see you smile not In too deep.
Number 8 is These girls not Big plans.
so yeah not a good quiz!:(((
1001 days ago
This game was rigged. I was so confused why I only got 3/10. Then I realized I was not wrong.
1007 days ago
This is wrong and rigged I know all the songs but your telling me I have 3/10 you don’t know the songs
1009 days ago
This quiz is wrong I got all of them right but it said I got 3/10 this website really needs to do its research!!
1011 days ago
i got all of them right but it said 3/10
1013 days ago
this is so wrong, bruh I knew all then songs.
1017 days ago
This is so rigged. Even why don't we says they got it wrong🙄
1017 days ago
it says we got 3/10 im pretty sure we got them all right concitering we wrote these song

p.s zach wrote this excuse the spelling problems
- jack avery