The Ultimate Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lovers Quiz
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The Ultimate Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lovers Quiz

So, you think you know everything there is to know about the sci-fi/fantasy genre? Well than puny mortal, test your skills on....THE ULTIMATE SCI-FI/FANTASY LOVERS QUIZ!!!! *FLASH!* *FLASH*, *SPARKLE!* *SPARKLE!*

Question 1:Okay, let's begin. Questions 1-5 are warm up questions. What is the evil ring of power from "The Lord Of The Rings" referred to as?
The Ultimate Ring
The Evil Ring Of Power
The One Bling
The One Ring
The Golden Ring With Elvish Writing All Over It

Question 2:What is a Necromancer?
Someone who has sexual encounters with corpses.
A magician that sees the future.
A sorcerer who raises the dead to see the future or to control the dead.
A dark sorcerer who controls the weather.
An evil troll.

Question 3:Who is the author of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy(a.k.a. The Golden Compass trilogy).
Phillip Pullman
Garth Nix
J.R.R. Tolkien
John A. Keel
Bram Stoker

Question 4:"Khazad dum" is a feature in which book?
The Subtle Knife
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
The Amber Spyglass
Starship Troopers

Question 5:H.G. Wells is best known for which of these books?
The Book Of Lost Tales
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
The War Of The Worlds
The Hobbit

Question 6:The warm up questions are over you sissy! Now the trials begin! Trial 1: The Worlds Of Middle-earth. The following questions are about the movies and books based on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Question 1: In the movie "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring", Frodo Baggins is played by which actor:
Elijah Wood
Russell Crowe
Samuel L. Jackson
Sam Neil
Ian Holm

Question 7:In "Fellowship Of The Ring", the fearsome Black Riders are also known as....
Horse Demons
Dark Orcs
The Seven Men

Question 8:Saruman's evil army of creatures are...

Question 9:Gollum was once known as _______________.
Filbo Faggins

Question 10:The dragon in "The Hobbit" is called __________.

Question 11:Now is Trial 2. These questions pertain to the many sci/fi fantasy films of the 80's. Question 1: In the film "Aliens", the character Ripley is played by...
Ian Mckellin
Liv Taylor
Sigourney Weaver
Winona Ryder
Demi Moore

Question 12:The film "The Abyss" is about....
A colony of thinking sea monkies.
A rogue robot terrorizes a submarine.
Dinosaurs inhabit the worlds oceans.
Underwater aliens that control sea water.
Evil porcupines enslave the gentle water pixies of the Pacific Abyss.

Question 13:In the movie "The Neverending Story", the main characters name is...

Question 14:In the movie "Legend", the villain is played by...
Keanue Reeves
Christopher Reeve
Christopher Lee
Orlando Bloom
Tim Curry

Question 15:In "The Twilight Zone: The Movie", the final segment is called...
It's A Wonderful Life
Kick The Can
Terror At 20,000 Feet
Monkey Fist
The Dummy

Question 16:The Final Trial is at hand!!! These are the hardest questions yet, mortal! They pertain to various books and movies and common lore pertaining to said genre. Question 1: The book "Sabriel" is in the ______________ Trilogy of books.
His Dark Materials
The Fantastic Four
The Four Horses of Aqualand

Question 17:The author of the Harry Potter books is...
Garth Nix
J.K. Rowling
Terry Brooks
Phillip Pullman
Anne McAfferey

Question 18:Anne McAfferey is best know for best selling novel, _______________________.
The Dragonriders Of Pern
The Shuttle
The Adventures of June the Donkey
Uncle Bumbble

Question 19:An Elf is.....
A type of troll that can stand sunlight.
A human that has funny pointed ear things.
A little creature that lives in villages.
A human who lives in the forest.
An immortal humanoid who is very intuned with nature.

Question 20:The Final Question! The most common mythical creature in stories is a...

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