Are you an 80's Child?
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Are you an 80's Child?

Find out how much you know about the 80's

Question 1:In the show Superfriends, each hero had a Bad Guy to defeat, what color was Green Lantern's Bad Guy??

Question 2:In the Show 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' the main character was played by Steven Collins, what was the name of his sidekick dog??

Question 3:Going from question 2, what SCi Fi movie did Steven Collins appear in?
Star Wars
Star Trek the motion picture
1999 the movie

Question 4:Molly Ringwald 1st movie was a 3-d movie in the early 80's which movie did she star in/
Motel Hell

Question 5:In the Movie 'Time Bandits' what actor was fighting a man with a Bull's head and was named Ceaser????
Sean Connery
Lee Marvin
Clint Eastwood
Harrison Ford

Question 6:In the Movie ST. Elmos Fire, which one of these actors did NOT appear in the movie..
Demi Moore
Rob Lowe
Andrew Mccarthy
Charlie Sheen
Judd Nelson

Question 7:In the Movie Platoon, what young TV actor made his movie debut?
Charlie Sheen
Michael J Fox
Johnny Depp
Justin Bateman

Question 8:IN 1985 for about 10 shows Madonna took along with her a new upcoming band to open for her. who was it?
New Kids on The Block
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Beastie Boys
Tori Amos

Question 9:Matt Dillons 1st movie was...
The Outsiders
Over the Edge
That was then this is now

Question 10:IN the movie 'That was Then this is now' who played Matt Dillons older brother?
Mickey Rourke
Don Johnson
Willam Dafoe
Bruce Willis

Question 11:What 1982 Movie included Willam Dafoe, Diane Lane and Michael Pare? Hint: 'i can dream about you if I can't hold you tonight'
Eddie and the Crusiers
Streets of Fire
The Outsiders
Pretty in Pink

Question 12:IN Nicholas Cage's first movie..
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
The Last American Virgin
Peggy Sue got MArried
Red Dawn

Question 13:Nicholas Cages 2nd movie...
Valley Girl
Breakfast Club
Peggy Sue got MArried
Raising Arizona

Question 14:Where's the Beef?
Burger King
Taco Bell

Question 15:Who lives at 867-5309??...
Hillery Clinton

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