The 24 Purity Test
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The 24 Purity Test

This test is designed to measure your level of purity related to the TV series "24". The lower your purity score, the more obsessed and addicted you are to "24". Enjoy!

Question 1:Have you ever watched 24?
Question 2:Have you watched an episode of 24 in its entirety?
Question 3:Have you watched more than 10 episodes of 24 in their entireties?
Question 4:Do you watch 24 on a regular basis?
Question 5:Do you watched 24 religiously every Tuesday night?
Question 6:Do you tape 24 if you know you aren't going to be home to watch it because you can't stand to miss an episode?
Question 7:Do you tape 24 even if you are home to watch it because you know you are going to watch it again?
Question 8:Do you own the first season of 24 on DVD?
Question 9:Did you buy the first season of 24 on DVD the day it was released?
Question 10: If you own the first season on DVD, did you engage in a viewing marathon after buying it?
Question 11:Did the fact that there were no pictures of Tony Almeida in the liner notes of the 24 DVD really piss you off?
Question 12:Have you ever watched more than 5 consecutive episodes of 24 in one sitting?
Question 13:Have you ever watched the same episode of 24 more than 5 times?
Question 14:Have you ever watched 24 under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
Question 15:Do you watch 24 under the influence of drugs or alcohol on a regular basis because it makes things so intense?
Question 16:Have you ever devised and/or played a "24 drinking game"?
Question 17:Have you ever watched the same episode of 24 more than 3 times in a 48 hour period?
Question 18:Have you ever lied about the number of times you've viewed an episode of 24 to a friend or loved one?
Question 19:Have you ever declined to attend a social function to which you were invited so you could stay home and watch 24 instead?
Question 20:Does your computer currently display a 24 related screensaver and/or desktop wallpaper?
Question 21:Does your alias on the Fox 24 forum relate directly to the show in any way (eg character name, quote, etc) ?
Question 22:Have you ever procured or viewed a bootleg copy of an episode of 24? (VCD or DivX download, copied DVDs)
Question 23:Have you ever yelled at a friend, family member or loved one for inconsiderately talking while 24 was on but not on the commercial?
Question 24:Have you ever suffered symptoms of insomnia because you can't stop thinking about 24?
Question 25:Have you ever purchased 24-related items from e-bay or another internet venue?
Question 26:Have you ever yelled at your TV while watching 24 because somehow you think the character will hear you and avoid certain peril?
Question 27:Have you ever paused an episode of 24 on video or DVD in order to conduct analysis or discuss what has just transpired on screen?
Question 28:Have you ever contacted a friend or loved one immediately after watching a new episode of 24 with the specific intent of discussing it?
Question 29:Have you ever entertained the notion of attending a costume party dressed as a character from 24?
Question 30:Did you actually sit through the entire Emmy broadcast to find out if 24 won for best dramatic series?
Question 31:Have you ever downloaded music from the internet or purchased a CD simply because a song was in 24?
Question 32:Have you ever deified a character from 24? (Almeida is God!)
Question 33:Have you ever deliberately concealed how much time you spend watching or thinking about 24 from a friend or loved one because you were afraid they would think you are obsessed?
Question 34:Do you maintain a 24-related fan website?
Question 35:Have you ever written a story, poem, song parody or other fan fiction related to 24?
Question 36:Have you ever purchased a magazine of any kind specifically for the 24-related content?
Question 37:Have you ever wasted company time looking at the 24 website, posting on the 24 forum or other 24 related activities?
Question 38:Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a character from 24?
Question 39:Have you ever pretended your partner was a character from 24 while having sexual relations with them?
Question 40:Have you ever found a character from 24 of the same gender as you sexually attractive simply because their character is so awesome? (if you are gay, have you ever found a character of the opposite gender sexually attractive for this reason?)
Question 41:Have you ever found yourself thinking that your fantasy is coming closer and closer to a reality?
Question 42:Have you ever had a 24-related dream completely beyond your control? (daydreams do not count)
Question 43:Have you ever met anyone from the cast of 24?
Question 44:If you see an actor who was in 24 on another show, do you notice and feel a little rush?
Question 45:Do you miss Milo?
Question 46:Have you ever sent a fan letter to a 24 cast member?
Question 47:Do you have memorable pieces of dialogue from 24 memorized simply so you can quote them should the occasion call for it?
Question 48:Did you put the 24 Season 2 premiere in your Palm Pilot, datebook or circle it on your calendar?
Question 49:Have you ever caught yourself living Tuesday to Tuesday?
Question 50:Have you ever recorded an episode of 24 while watching it and then watched it again immediately afterwards for the second time?
Question 51:Have you ever hosted or attended a 24 viewing party?
Question 52:Have you ever used watching 24 as a tool to help lessen the pain of a breakup or other traumatic event in your life?
Question 53:If Palmer was a real presidential candidate, would you vote for him?
Question 54:Have you ever seriously considered naming any future offspring after a character from 24?
Question 55:Have you ever played an episode of 24 while doing housework/homework/taking a bath/whatever because it comforts you?
Question 56:Have you ever missed school or work because you were watching/recovering from watching 24?
Question 57:Have you ever begged favours from friends or loved ones because your VCR kakked and you JUST COULDN'T MISS AN EPISODE?
Question 58:Have you ever considered switching to a career in show business just so you could work on 24?
Question 59:Do you miss Tony's soul patch?
Question 60:Do you ignore minor inconsistencies in the real-time concept or plot holes simply because the show is so awesome?
Question 61:Have you ever converted someone else into a 24 viewer because you couldn't shut up about how awesome it is and they just had to see for themselves what you were on about?
Question 62:After the first season ended, did you go back and watch previous episodes with the specific intent of looking for clues that Nina was the mole?
Question 63:Have you ever spent time analyzing specific actions of Nina trying to figure out her motivations in light of the fact that she was the mole?
Question 64:Do you refuse to fast forward through stuff like Patti hitting on Palmer because to do so would be sacrilegious?
Question 65:Have you ever been watching a scene in an episode of 24 and rewound it just so you could watch it again because it was so awesome?
Question 66:Have you ever caught yourself absently humming theme music from 24 while thinking about something else?
Question 67:Have you ever engaged in a logistical argument with someone else over 24? (eg they insist that Nina did not kill Teri and you must convince them that she did)
Question 68:After a new episode of 24 finishes, have you ever moaned "noooooo!" because you just need more?
Question 69:Do you miss Mandy?
Question 70:Have you ever grown irate with a friend or loved one because they don't understand how awesome 24 is the way you do?
Question 71:Have you ever wondered if your fandom of 24 is in danger of becoming an obsession?
Question 72:Do you have any 24-related posters or pictures on your walls as decoration?
Question 73:If somebody doesn't tell you what's going on right now, are you going straight to Chappelle?
Question 74:Do you check the Fox 24 website after every episode to see if there are any more clues to what will happen next and to read the research files and episode guides?
Question 75:Have you ever engaged in the construction of 24-related top 5 lists? (eg top five best deaths)
Question 76:Do you have any 24-related websites bookmarked for easy access?
Question 77:If the phone rings while you're watching 24, do you ignore it?
Question 78:Do you unplug your phone while watching 24 so you don't have to deal with inconsiderate people who might call you while it's on?
Question 79:Did you think Kiefer was robbed at the Emmys?
Question 80:Does it bother you when you encounter people who watch 24 but don't take it as seriously as you do, and thus discuss it in a casual or improper manner?
Question 81:Do you keep up to date on 24's ratings?
Question 82:Have you ever rented or went to see a movie specifically because an actor from 24 was in it?
Question 83:Have you ever read a 24 spoiler because you couldn't hold your wad?
Question 84:If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of the season, would you pick 24 without hesitation?
Question 85:Does it legitimately bother you that crap like Judging Amy gets better ratings than 24?
Question 86:Are you ready for some serious Nina, or what?
Question 87:Have you ever lied to a friend or loved one about why you were canceling or declining plans to do something else because you wanted to watch 24 but didn't want them to know that watching 24 was more important to you than hanging out with them?
Question 88:Have you seen every episode in the entire first season more than once?
Question 89:Have you ever missed an exam, an assignment, a meeting or other responsibility because you were watching 24?
Question 90:Have you ever experienced 24 being the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep and the first thing on your mind when you wake up the next day?
Question 91:Have you written your own personal "top 24 moments of 24" list?
Question 92:Have you ever considered watching 24 to be your mostly important priority during the week?
Question 93:If you set the VCR to tape 24 while you're out, have you ever experienced anxiety that something will go wrong and spent time thinking about what you will do if you miss the episode while you're supposed to be out enjoying yourself?
Question 94:Do you feel that 24 has changed your life?
Question 95:After watching an episode of 24, have you ever logged on to the 24 forum immediately afterwards to discuss it?
Question 96:Do you accept Tony Almeida as your personal saviour?
Question 97:Do you share any 24-related inside jokes with a friend or loved one who shares your love of the show?
Question 98:Have you ever assigned a character from 24 his or her own personal nickname because they are so endeared to you?
Question 99:If someone asked you what your favourite current television show is, would you answer 24 without hesitation?
Question 100:In your opinion, is 24 the best thing ever to happen to television?

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