Real Andi Mack fan?

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Are you a real Andi Mack fan? think you know your stuff? take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    When did the 3rd season of Andi Mack start?
  • 2
    Who plays Andi Mack?
  • 3
    What does Andi say when Jonah asks her to be his girlfriend AFTER he says he doesn't like labels?

  • 4
    What happens to Jonah at Cyrus's bar mitzvah party when Andi says she doesn't have feelings for him anymore?
  • 5
    What did Andi and Jonah do the very first episode Jonah appeared?
  • 6
    Who was the one to text Andi from Jonah's phone pretending to be him?

  • 7
    What did Cyrus tell Buffy the day after Jonah's ultimate Frisbee team party?
  • 8
    In the first season, what did Bex confess to Andi?
  • 9
    Where is Andi's most beloved place of all?
  • 10
    Who is Andi's dad?

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1317 days ago
the answer to question one is wrong. season 3 started october 8
1565 days ago
i got 7/10 and i'm on team walker not jonah also, hannah is a jerk. not me. i'm also hannah and not going to change my username for you. you go girl, i mean sally kirk.
1565 days ago
@hannah Gay isn't a bad word, love is love, it's horrible for you to say that. People are gay, lots of people are. and it's the right answer, it's about a TV show, Andi Mack. And Cyrus is gay in the show so you are evil and mean and terrible to say such horrible tings. You've just offended every gay person in the world by saying that gay is a bad word. I'll bet you hate same-sex relationships. I hate you. Keep your stupidness and old fashioned whatever inside and keep it out of the reach of gay people because they are probably going to commit suicide now, you friggin just said that gay is a bad word. You are the worst.
1601 days ago
gay is a bad word so do not put that qustion on here.